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Head Search Update

Head Search Update #1

August 1, 2018

Seabury Hall Community,

I want to share with you that the Board of Trustees is proceeding with the process to select a new Head of School for Seabury Hall. The Search Committee, which includes Glenn Yamasaki, Heidi Bigelow, Kimo Haynes, Susan Graham, Steve Colflesh, Tom Welch and I, has been appointed by the Board to assist in this effort. The Search Committee has received proposals from various consultants, and after review, the committee has selected the services of Resource Group 175, LLC, and its consultants, Tom Olverson and Doreen Oleson, to assist in the Head of School search.

Tom and Doreen will be visiting the school the week of August 20-24 to meet with staff, faculty, trustees, students, parents and alumni to review Seabury Hall and its operations, to develop a summary of the needs, benefits, challenges and opportunities for Seabury Hall, and to establish the perceived capabilities, attributes and skills of the new Head of School.

The consultants will then seek to recruit and screen candidates for the Head of School position. The consultants anticipate that they will receive numerous inquiries and plan to provide a list of the most qualified candidates to the search committee in October for the committee’s review and consideration. The search committee will seek to select the top 3-4 candidates, and thereafter will schedule visits with the selected candidates and the school community in November. The committee will compile the input and reviews received from the visits and proceed with the selection of the new Head of School in December. The successful candidate will begin their duties at Seabury Hall on July 1, 2019. Updates to this schedule will be provided to the community as the process continues.

I thank you for your continued support and assistance.


R. Clay Sutherland
Seabury Hall Board of Trustees

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