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Head Search Update

Interim Head Chosen

July 5, 2018

Seabury Hall Community,

I am pleased to announce that Paul Wenninger has been selected as the new Head of School, and will serve in this position for a period of one year while the Board of Trustees proceeds with a thorough search for a full-time Head of School. Paul was one of several candidates interviewed for this key transitional year position. Paul has had significant experience as an independent school parent, faculty member, trustee, full-time Head of School, and short-term (Interim) Head of School, and brings with him exceptional experience, management skills and enthusiasm to provide support and guidance to the faculty and staff of Seabury Hall through the coming year.

Paul has an M.A. in Education/Information Science, and an Ed.S. in Education Administration, with 30 years of experience in education administration and school leadership. He has broad accreditation experience and describes himself as an inclusive leader. With skills in developing leadership throughout a school, nurturing a positive school climate, and supporting program design and development, I believe Paul will provide Seabury Hall with strong educational leadership and management.

This will be Paul’s fifth term as an Interim Head. Paul and the Board have agreed that he will not be a candidate for the full-time Head of School position and will support and maintain Seabury Hall’s mission, educational program and activities through the next year. Paul will be involved in all activities and operations of the school and will provide mentoring, guidance and assistance to the school. Paul will arrive on campus on July 21, 2018, but will be here intermittently prior to said date to meet with staff and faculty as they prepare for the next school year. Paul shall have full authority to operate and manage the school, and he is excited to be on Maui and to have the opportunity to work with the Seabury Hall community.

I wish to also note that the Board has initiated its efforts to search for a long-term Head of School to lead Seabury Hall upon the end of Paul’s term. The Board shall be retaining a consultant to assist in this effort and there will be opportunities for you to help determine the necessary qualities and attributes the next Head of School should possess. You will hear more about this process and the ways that our parents, faculty, staff, alumni and others will be able to participate in next few months.

The Board of Trustees remains committed to the mission of Seabury Hall, to its faculty, staff, students and alumni, and to the success of this wonderful school. I will continue to keep you updated on the search process, and I always welcome your feedback. Thank you for being a vital member of the Seabury Hall community, and please welcome Paul to Seabury Hall.


R. Clay Sutherland
Seabury Hall Board of Trustees

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