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Message from the Head of School

Olinda Mondays

March 30, 2020
Dear Seabury Hall Community,
“We cannot heal the world today but we can begin with
 a voice of compassion, a heart of love and an act of kindness”
~Mary Davis
Well, spring break is officially over. Today our teachers had virtual meetings and we discussed all the topics and actions that we will use to lead and engage students in instruction in weeks ahead. Most importantly though, we talked TO each other. How is everyone? How is your family? How are you feeling? What are your biggest worries? Making these connections among ourselves is so essential as we begin our newest challenge as educators.
I talked a bit today about what I have been calling Covid COMPASSION. Mostly because my writer's block will not let me find a prettier phrase. There are so many pieces of this global crisis that we need to connect with in order to get through it. We have to use our compassion - before we speak, before we judge, before we act! Covid COMPASSION brings out the very best of our hearts and souls. These days, we find ourselves with time to think and process and prioritize. Covid COMPASSION should be at the forefront to help us identify and work through our fears. We are all a bit anxious about something a bit different and we cannot disregard or rank one fear over another…
Let’s be compassionate to all the parents who are working and cannot support their kids in the new distance learning platform; the parents who are NOT working, but are unsure how to help their kids; parents who are overwhelmed and worried about their jobs; Middle and Upper school kids who are babysitting younger brothers and sisters missing friends, doing their distance lessons; and showing compassion as we encourage each other to make sure that we are practicing self-care. Take care of yourself, so we can take care of each other.
So how is Seabury Hall going to reach out with compassion and island aloha and love? Here are some ways that you can help and encourage our kids to reach out “from home.” Just remember it is hard to ‘stay at home’ if you do not have a home to stay…
  • We are collaborating with SHPO (Seabury Hall Parents Organization) to build Easter Baskets for homeless kids. We welcome donations of little gifts that can be gathered into a small basket for kids of all ages. Here are some suggestions on this LINK
  • Helping Handbags is another effort for our Maui homeless. Seabury Hall teens: grab a handbag or backpack from your closet that is in really good shape that you no longer use. Fill with items that a young woman or young man can use. Think of all of your travel size items - or unused items (unopened) that you may have around the house. First aid items are also welcomed. LINK
  • Coloring Book Art Project for Seabury Hall Artists! LINK
  • If you cannot donate for baskets or handbags or backpacks, that’s truly okay! Please take some time and write messages on small cards or notes that we can tuck inside the gifts. Or, find a great paperback book that you love and write an encouraging and compassionate message on the inside cover. We can share our love of books too!
These donations can be dropped off at the Seabury Hall (Olinda Road entrance) circle starting tomorrow from 9:00am to 10:00am. We will collect these donations until April 8th.We will send information if we need assistance on deliveries.
RIGHT NOW - ON Campus...
Seabury Hall is hosting the Maui High Quality Face Mask Project. The project’s purpose is to address any possible critical shortage of N95 masks on Maui by manufacturing quality "filter masks" right here on island for use by medical professionals, first responders, and other frontline people. 
Volunteers are screened and placed in one of our disinfected classrooms to trace patterns, cut material, or sew masks. It is quite the production. To volunteer please email Julie at
Our own teachers are also contributing to the larger Maui community by constructing face shields using 3D printers on campus. Bill Levien and Garret Kovach used a design from `Iolani School teachers Gilson Killhour and Martin Emde ‘83 to laser cut foam face shields using foam floor tiles from Home Depot and a transparent book binding cover. If you would like to contribute to this effort, please email Garret Kovach at
Thank you to so many parents who have called or written messages of support and kindness. I am trying to answer as many of you as I can, but please know how much we appreciate you all!
I close this Olinda Monday with a message I saw online, “Do things for people, not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who YOU are.” Here at Seabury Hall, we are Spartan Strong.
Be well, be safe, stay home but stay connected!
Warmest aloha,
Maureen O. Madden, Head of School

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