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Upper School Students:
The Seabury Hall Online Bookstore (MBS Direct) will open on June 27, 2022, at which time there will be a button on the Seabury Hall home page. Once on the site, click the courses in which your child is enrolled to see the required books. You may then order directly from MBS or use the book information (ISBN number) to order from other vendors. It is vitally important that students begin the year with their books so that they do not fall behind. Elective classes generally do not require a textbook.

If you purchase books from another vendor, make sure the ISBN numbers are the same as those listed on the Seabury Hall Online Bookstore (MBS Direct). A complete list of required textbooks is available here.

Middle School Students:
Middle School core classes are pre-assigned and textbooks are ordered by the school, so no individual textbook purchases are required. 

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