Coeducational College Preparatory Day School serving Grades 5-12

Upper School

Seabury Hall has long been recognized as one of the premiere college-prep schools in Hawaii. College admissions officers know the quality of education applicants have received based on the school's long-standing reputation. The curriculum is rigorous and intentional with the multitude of Advanced Placement offerings you would expect from a top-tier institution.

Yet the remarks we most often receive from visitors point to the sense of community they feel from the students, faculty and staff. They comment on the quality of relationships between the students and faculty, the friendliness of the students, and even the way support staff are regarded and appreciated. They find a place where each student is unique, valued, and able to find a place of belonging. Where on any given day you may find the athlete and the “mathlete” sharing a laugh at the same lunch table.

The size of the school is large enough to offer a breadth of exceptional academic, athletic, and artistic programs to serve each child’s passions and interests, yet small enough that each student is able to know and appreciate every other student in their class.

We are proud of both the traditions and culture that have been cultivated on this beautiful campus and the current, relevant, and forward-thinking teaching that takes place in the classroom. We invite you to learn more about our fine school.

Jon Toda
Upper School Head

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Jon Toda
Head of Upper School
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