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Upper School

As the Head of the Upper School I want to extend a warm welcome. My background includes an extensive career in international education in the roles of secondary school principal, director of curriculum, curriculum coordination and school evaluation and authorizations. You will find Seabury Hall to have a diverse student body that celebrates other cultures and promotes a true spirit of tolerance. This produces a safe environment optimal for students to learn and thrive.
Seabury Hall is now entering its 56th year, and I am excited to continue to build on our rich history and expand opportunities for students to challenge themselves throughout their Upper School journeys. As a school we foster an atmosphere of collaboration and reflection in all we do. The sense of community is very strong at Seabury Hall.
The Upper School curriculum is designed to be developmentally appropriate in which students have ample opportunity to develop new skills and take a wide range of electives. Education needs to address the world beyond the classroom in which students develop a better understanding of how the wider world interacts with each other. This translates into a caring community of learners respecting the dignity of every human being. You will find the school has a long tradition of student teamwork in which students lead activities that are a vital part of school life.
Kind regards,
Stephen Rothkopf
Upper School Head

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