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Grade 5 Program

Application Steps - Grade 5

Update March 11, 2021:
Due to overwhelming demand, applications for the Grade 5 program are no longer being accepted for the 2021-2022 school year.

For School Year: 2021-2022

Step #1
Complete the online application form by first creating an account, then logging in and completing and submitting the online form. Uploading a recent photo of the applicant and paying the non-refundable $75 application fee is required before the completed form can be submitted. Paper application forms are not available.

Step #2
After your online application submittal is processed by the Admissions Office, you will receive an acknowledgement letter and details regarding your scheduled test date.

Step #3
The Admissions office will contact the applicant's family to schedule an interview with the applicant.

Step #4
Download, print, complete, sign, and submit the Teacher Reference Report forms to the applicant's current English and Math teacher. Include a stamped return envelope addressed to Seabury Hall Admissions Office, 480 Olinda Road, Makawao, HI 96768. Teacher Reference Reports can also be emailed by the teacher to

Step #5
Download, print, complete, sign, and submit the Consent of Release of Information to the applicant's current school Registrar or Principal's office to be completed and returned to the Admissions Office along with standardized testing results, grade reports from the past 2 years and the current year's grade reports ending in the first semester.

Step #6
If you are applying for financial aid, please follow the financial aid application instructions outlined on the Financial Aid page of our website. Be sure to submit all required paperwork by March 19, 2021.

Please review the Application Checklist tab when logged into your account to view all required steps and submittals and to keep yourself on track.

The application deadline for Grade 5 is March 19, 2021. By this deadline, teacher reference forms, grade reports and the student questionnaire must be received and the interview must be completed.

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