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Side Shows 2018

    • 2018 Side Shows

Seabury Hall Performing Arts presents
A Festival of One-Act Plays
Friday & Saturday May 18 & 19 @ 7:00 PM
`A`ali`ikuhonua Creative Arts Center
Seabury Hall, Makawao
Admission is free or by donation
Seabury Hall Performing Arts ends its season with our 23rd annual Side Shows – a wild array of short plays. 
In this year’s slate of eight plays, five are student-written: In Lauren Sieberg’s Fate Accompli a college-bound senior faces the Fates. In Zachary Kubo’s Mirror/rorriM we see the separate lead-ups to a date. In Alex Abraham’s Life of a Barista, a deadbeat dad tries to reunite with his daughter. In Veronica Winham’s The Substitute, kids trick the sub into doing their bidding, and in Bailey Dalzell’s The Taxi, learning how to hail a cab yields surprising results.
As always, festival directors Sally Sefton and Todd Van Amburgh are grateful for the faculty, friends, and students who volunteer their time to work with the two dozen student actors.This year, adult directors Heidi Bruning, Vinnie Linares, Aaron Romano-Meade, and Scott Winham are joined by student directors Zachary Kubo and Lauren Sieberg -- who are directing plays they wrote themselves.
“The one-act festival has proven to be an ideal experience for students and audiences!” says Van Amburgh.
“The show is fast and fun – a rollercoaster ride for the audience. Students get lead parts and -- because the plays are all about 10 minutes – don’t have the taxing rehearsal schedule they get for longer shows. As teachers, we get to include more students (over two dozen in the whole festival). Veterans end their high-school careers with this show while others are discovered here. Students get to work with other directors and directors get to experiment. The One-Act festival is great education and great fun!”

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