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Spring Dance Showcase

    • Spring Showcase

Seabury Hall Performing Arts
 The 29th Annual
Dance Showcase ‘18

All Levels of Seabury Hall’s Dance Programs

Directed by David Ward
Two weekends:
Saturday, April 21 @ 7 PM
Friday & Saturday, April 27, 28 @ 7PM
Sunday, April 29 @ 3 PM
 `A`ali`ikūhonua Creative Arts Center
Seabury Hall,  Makawao
Tickets: Adults $ 12, Kupuna $10, Students & Keiki $5
                  Dance Showcase features all levels of the Seabury Hall dance program in a concert of Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Hip-hop, Musical, and Contemporary dance. Some highlights:
            Bay Area choreographers Meghan and Tito Reyes have choreographed a pop culture, hip-hop infused piece for our top dancers, The Seabury hall Dance Ensemble.
“It’s exciting to return year after year and see the growth of these young dancers, says Meghan Reyes. “Tito and I are thrilled to be a part of their development.”
            Local choreographer Nicole Yezzi has set her contemporary piece on the Level C dancers to music by Clean Bandit featuring Jess Glynne.
            Director of Dance David Ward has set several new pieces.
“Following the success of our Musical Review this Fall -- celebrating the first 10 years of the Tony awards, I decided to create a suite of musical theater highlights for all our dance levels from the same time period. The suite includes Cole Porter’s “Too Darn Hot” (Kiss Me, Kate), “Take Me Back to Manhattan” (Anything Goes), as well as “Steam Heat” from Ross and Adler’s The Pajama Game.
Other highlights of the evening include Downpour a new work by André Morissette set to the Waltz from Masquerade by Soviet Armenian composer Aram Khachaturian.
"Using classic music for choreography is a fun way to familiarize my students with the art form,” says Morissette. “The richness of the music contributes to the quality of their dancing. "
            Morissette is also resetting Eighth Period, a look at the end of a school day, on Level C, and Vogue for his Level A dancers.
Vanessa Cerrito has prepared two new dances for our ballet students:
“Our beginning Ballet 1 and 2 dancers have joined together in an original quirky contemporary Ballet suite. The piece is inspired by the ticking and inner workings of a clock, hence the title name Clockwork.”
“Ballet 3, our intermediate level, has been working very hard on a variation from the Ballet Giselle choreographed by Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot. They are dancing the part of the "Girlfriends" in the first act.”
Our dynamic young dancers in level B Modern/Jazz were up for the challenge in their latest piece choreographed to "Never Enough" from the musical The Greatest Showman. It is a technical, emotional, and lyrical piece choreographed by Vanessa Cerrito.
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Cash, checks, and credit cards also accepted at the door.

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