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The Wanna-Be Gentleman

    • The Wanna-Be Gentleman

Seabury Hall Performing Arts
The Wanna-Be Gentleman
Directed by Todd Van Amburgh
Two weekends:
Saturday, November 11 @ 7:00 PM
Friday & Saturday, November 17-18 @ 7:00 PM
Sunday, November 19 @ 3:00 PM
`A`ALI`IKŪHONUA Creative Arts Center
Seabury Hall, Makawao
Tickets: Adults $12, Seniors $10, Students $5
Are you cool? Classy? Part of the in crowd? How far would you go to be “in”? This modern version of Moliere’s classic comedy, The Bourgeois Gentleman, delivers an intervention for self-improvement gone wild.

When a rich but uncultured merchant (Carver Glomb ‘19) decides he wants to be a “gentleman,” a slew of personal trainers (Shelby Ferrier ‘18, Bailey Dalzell ‘18, Cleo Borthwick ‘19, Zachary Kubo ‘19) and high-class fops (Camille Erdman ‘18, Carl Molinaro ‘20) flock to refine him through music, dance, fencing, and more. 

The mayhem causes his wife (Marley Mehring ‘18) and a pair of wiley servants (Jacob Akana ‘19 and Gabi Cote ‘21) to intervene for the sake of his daughter’s (Sierra Lewis ‘20) marriage to her fiance (Danny Judge ‘20). They are helped by friends in disguise (Innes Asher ‘20, Pono Birnie ‘21, Molly Oberg ‘21, Chiara Pogacic ‘20, and Cole Uyehara ‘21). Students on the creative team include Aidyn Wright ‘18, assistant director, and choreographers Tahiti Cabrinha ‘20 and Caitlyn Campbell ‘20.

“Moliere basically invented the sit-com,” says Van Amburgh. “His plays always show a family dealing with the excesses of one of its members (usually the dad), and the lengths they go to break the spell he’s under.” 

“Comedy is about human weakness -- we recognize our vulnerabilities, how easily we can let ourselves be fooled.”
The play is performed in the three-quarter round, with costumes designed by Andre Morissette. “Andre stretches the sense of time period -- from echoes of Moliere’s 17th Century fops to modern takes from today and recent decades. It’s very fun.” 

“I love the intimacy and impact we can get  with the three-quarter-round ‘thrust’ stage,” says Van Amburgh, who is also the set designer. “ It wraps the audience around the action, helps them to hear the language, and energizes the actors.”

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