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Middle School Athletics

The Middle School Physical Education (PE) and Athletic Program is committed to the needs of students in grades six through eight offering a wide variety of options both during and after school. All students are encouraged to participate. Our Middle School PE staff includes a PE teacher, Athletic Coordinator, and Athletic Director. Our Dance program includes three instructors for 7th and 8th grade. Our middle school Hula instructor teaches classes as part of the physical education experience and for He Ha`upu Aloha Day. 

The Seabury Hall Middle School emphasizes team spirit and cooperation in its athletics program and operates under a philosophy that everyone who wants to try a sport should get a chance to join a team and play.

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  • Goals for Middle School Athletics

    • To have fun
    • Learn, practice and execute fundamentals of various activities
    • Develop a variety of skills that transfer to other areas including a healthy lifestyle
    • Develop individual and team characteristics to include respect, honesty, enthusiasm, support, and sportsmanship
  • Purchasing Uniforms

    • Uniforms are required for PE and Hula
      • students are allowed to wear loose fitting dance attire for Dance/ Hula classes only.
    • Students will be able to purchase their PE uniforms during PE or after school.
      • You may send a check made out to Seabury Hall (price is still being determined but is approximately $30 per set).
  • Team Parent Volunteers!

    This is a great way to be involved with the school and your child's experience!
    Please contact the Athletic Director at 572-8394 if you have questions or contact your child's team coach. 

    Team Parents are involved with:
    • games
    • food and beverage coordination
    • transportation needs and carpooling

    Thank you for supporting our athletic and physical education program and encouraging your children to try new things.

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Seabury Hall Athletic Department

Scott Prather
Athletic Director
(808) 572 -7235

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