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Parent-Teacher Conferences

August 31, 2018
Dear Parents,

Parent-Teacher Conferences for the 7th-12th grades will take place on Thursday, September 20th and Friday, September 21st, 2018. School will not be in session on either conference day.

Parents wishing to participate must indicate their preferred time slots and teachers on the downloadable Parent-Teacher Conference Request Form. Please be advised that even though we have set aside two days for appointments, it may be difficult to schedule an appointment with every teacher requested due to the limited availability of time slots. If you are unable to meet at your desired time, feel free to contact teachers to set up an appointment at a later date.

Parents are responsible for signing up for their appointments. You may submit your Parent-Teacher Conference Request Form in one of the following ways:
    • Email as an attachment (preferred) to Lynn Matayoshi at
    • Fax (572-7196), or
    • Drop off the completed form to the Cooper House by WEDNESDAY, September  5th. 
Signing up for appointments will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Please provide complete information (names of the teachers with whom you wish to meet, date/time preferences, contact information). Incomplete information (such as omitting the teacher’s name) will delay processing. After September 13th please contact Lynn Matayoshi at 572-7235 to check on availability. 

We strongly believe that student success is supported through open and frequent conversation between parents and teachers. I look forward to seeing you during Parent Teacher Conferences.


Paul Wenninger
Head of School
How to complete and submit your Parent/Teacher Conference Request Form:

  • Download the Parent-Teacher Conference Request Form to your computer.
    • This is an Adobe Acrobat fillable PDF form.
    • Download the form to your Desktop or folder of your choosing (choose Save, Save As, or Download, not View).  Open the file with Adobe Acrobat Reader (or Adobe Acrobat Pro).  If you don't have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you may download it free here. Do not install optional McAfee Security Scan or other optional software.
    • Chrome users: Although you may view PDF files directly in Chrome, it does not have the ability to save the information you've entered into the form.  Therefore, save the PDF file and complete the form in Acrobat Reader, not in the Chrome browser.
    • Mac users:  We recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader and not Preview to fill out the form.  Preview (or completing the form in the browser window) may not allow you to save your changes.  If in doubt, do a test by filling out the first field and saving before filling out the entire form.
    • After completing the form, use Save As to rename it with your student’s name, such as johndoe.pdf.
  • Close and reopen your saved form to confirm it is filled out and saved properly.  If the file opens without the information you entered, please reread and follow the suggestions above.
  • You may also print, fill in by hand, and scan your completed form.
  • Attach the saved form to an email message and send it to Lynn Matayoshi at
  • You will receive a confirmation of receipt email from Lynn as well as a printed copy of your form with your assigned conferences in the mail the week prior to Parent/Teacher Conferences.
If you have any questions, please contact Lynn Matayoshi at 572-7235 or

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