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Many support systems are in place to help and guide students in their high school years at Seabury Hall. The goal for each support system is to help each student to grow to his or her maximum potential in a healthy, positive and supportive atmosphere.

Of course, the support system always starts with the teacher. At Seabury Hall, teachers not only make it a priority to get to know their students in the classroom but they also get to know the student out of the classroom as well. Teachers are coaches, club advisors, and avid fans of the plays, music and dance programs and of the athletic events as well. In addition, teachers are in their classrooms available for one-on-one extra help from 3:00 to 3:30 from Monday through Thursday. Finally, the teacher also fills many of the roles listed below. Consequently, when in doubt, it is always a good idea to see the teacher first. He or she will be very helpful.

Every student is assigned an advisor who stays with that student until graduation. The advisor is the liaison between the student, student's family and the school. The advisor is not a disciplinarian but may help their advisee grow from or better yet avoid disciplinary situations. The advisor is not an academic dean but may help their advisee to learn behaviors and habits and techniques that will help the student to find academic success. The advisor will guide their advisee throughout the high school years by doing such things as helping the student devise a four year plan, select courses and activities, examine the pros and cons of life style choices and often just assist the student and parents in contacting the right person.

Each grade level has a Lead Class Advisor who simultaneously is also an advisor. The Lead Class Advisor's job is help coordinate grade level activities. The Lead Class Advisor along with the elected class officers helps to run class meetings. The Lead Class Advisor also sets the agenda and runs Advisor Breakfast meetings. The Lead Class Advisor is not supposed to be the one doing all the work. He or she should be delegating and divvying up the grade level responsibilities among the grade level advisors and ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

Every student also has a Grade Level Dean. Unlike the advisor, the Dean does not move up the grade level with the students. By remaining in their grade level, year after year, the Dean becomes an expert for that grade level and age and therefore becomes a wonderful academic resource for the students, parents, advisors and teachers. The Dean's primary responsibility is to help students academically. This duty includes reviewing the student's four year plan, current course selections and intended course selections looking for appropriate depth, breadth and insuring that each student has met all graduation requirements. In addition, the Dean reviews every grade report, deficiency report and parent notice and meets with the teachers, fellow deans, Dean of Student, school counselor, Chaplain and Head of the Upper School at least once a week in order to get a clear picture of every one of their grade level students.

The Chaplain's role is to the direct, guide and enrich the spiritual aspects of every day life here at Seabury. The Chaplain role is similar in many ways to the counselor's role and, as such, will also be asked to help and guide students and their families as the situation warrants.

The Counselor's role is to educate, promote and help students, parents and school personnel live healthy emotional and substance free lives. As such, the counselor will be asked to help students and their families as the situation warrants.

The Dean of Students works with students on all issues surrounding student life style choices. The Dean of Students is responsible for enforcing the discipline policy and helping students learn and grow from their choices. In addition, the Dean of Students will continue to find ways to provide healthy lifestyle choices and activities for students.

The Head of the Upper School is responsible for coordinating all of the academic and nonacademic support systems and providing direction and vision while still making sure that he or she also takes a personal one-on-one approach with each student as well.

Consequently, when students experiences difficulty, the teacher, the advisor, the Dean, the Dean of Students, the school counselor and the Head of the Upper School all work together to assist and guide the student to a positive path. Sometimes this occurs by listening, by directing a student to the right person or program, by offering advice and often it occurs by doing some of each. Therefore, It is helpful that this support group be part of the people in the "need to know" circle when information is disseminated regarding a student in difficulty. Each person will play his or her part. Advisors, deans and the Dean of Students, for the most part, are not trained counselors and therefore will not attempt to perform counseling roles but instead will be supportive listeners and observers, referring concerns to the Head of the Upper School. The Head of the Upper School will then involve the appropriate support people. At its best, the support system will help the student and their family feel like they are in good hands before, during and after the ordeal allowing the student and family the maximum opportunity to recover, reflect, and grow.
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