Coeducational College Preparatory Day School serving Grades 5-12

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Faculty, Teaching Staff and Administrators

List of 61 members.

  • Photo of Maureen Madden

    Maureen Madden 

    Head of School
    Monmouth University - BA
    Georgian Court University - MA
  • Photo of Corisa Alkins

    Corisa Alkins 

    Technology Instructor
    University of North Carolina Wilmington - BS
  • Photo of Steven Baker

    Dr. Steven Baker 

    Science Instructor
    University of San Diego - BS
    Georgetown University - PhD
  • Photo of Jack Belli

    Dr. Jack Belli 

    Science Instructor
    California State University, Dominguez Hills - BS
    University of Hawaii, Manoa - PhD
  • Photo of Fernando Bocanegra

    Mr. Fernando Bocanegra 

    Spanish Language Instructor
    Northern Arizona University - BS
  • Photo of Vanessa Cerrito

    Ms. Vanessa Cerrito 

    Dance Instructor
    College of Marin - AA
    The Ailey School
    Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
    YogaMinded - Teaching Certificate
  • Photo of Francesca Cipro

    Mrs. Francesca "Chesa" Cipro 99

    Associate Director of College Counseling
    Scripps College - BA
    Argosy University - MA
  • Photo of Barbara Cooper

    Mrs. Barbara Cooper 

    Learning Specialist
    University of Georgia - BS
    Georgia State University - EdS
    Georgia State University - MEd
  • Photo of Steven Cornell

    Mr. Steven Cornell 

    Science Instructor
    Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - BS
    University of Phoenix, Maui - MEd
  • Photo of Dawn DeLeonardis

    Ms. Dawn DeLeonardis 

    Spanish Language Instructor
    Loyola University Maryland - BA
    St. John's University - MA
  • Photo of Peter Della Croce

    Mr. Peter Della Croce 

    Music Instructor
    Berklee College of Music - BM
  • Photo of Danielle Emerick

    Ms. Danielle Emerick 

    Fine Arts Instructor
    Kent State University - BA
    Parsons School of Design and Bank Street College of Education - MS
  • Photo of Christopher Findeisen

    Dr. Christopher Findeisen 

    English Instructor
    Washington State University - BA
    Florida State University - MA
    University of Illinois, Chicago - PhD
  • Photo of Kassia Gann

    Mrs. Kassia Gann 

    Science Instructor
    Pomona College - BA
    Claremont Graduate University - MEd
  • Photo of Laura Ann Gerken

    Ms. Laura Ann Gerken 

    English Instructor
    John Carroll University - BA
    St. John's College - MA
  • Photo of Christopher Golding

    The Rev. Christopher Golding 

    School Chaplain
    Charles Sturt University - BTh
    Charles Sturt University - MTh
    St. Mark's National Theological Centre - DipAO
  • Photo of Bobby Grossman

    Mr. Bobby Grossman 

    Physical Education Instructor
  • Photo of Dakota Grossman

    Ms. Dakota Grossman 14

    University of Utah - BA
  • Photo of Alastair Hebard

    Mr. Alastair Hebard 

    Science Instructor
    (808) 572-7235
    University of Miami - BS
    Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center - MS
  • Photo of Katie Hensley

    Mrs. Katie Hensley 

    Grade 5 Instructor
    Western Illinois University - BA
    University of Illinois - MS
    University of Hawaii, Manoa - MEd
  • Photo of Earl Higa

    Mr. Earl Higa 

    Student Services
    University of Hawai`i, Manoa - BA
    University of Hawai`i, Manoa - MA
  • Photo of Savanah Janssen

    Ms. Savanah Janssen 15

    English Instructor
    Chapman University - BA
    Chapman University - MA
    Columbia University - Additional Studies
  • Photo of Allison Joshua

    Mrs. Allison Joshua 

    Math Instructor
    Bridgewater State College - BS
    Dominican University of California - MS
  • Photo of Melissa Kaufman

    Ms. Melissa Kaufman 

    Dartmouth College - BA
  • Photo of WanYu Kayes

    Mrs. WanYu Kayes 

    Math Instructor
    University of California, Los Angeles - BS
    University of California, Los Angeles - MS
    University of Hawaii, Manoa - MEd
  • Photo of Tom Kellogg

    Mr. Tom Kellogg 

    Humanities Instructor
    University of Wisconsin - BA
  • Photo of Marsha Kelly

    Ms. Marsha Kelly 

    Drama & Speech Instructor
    Essex College - AA
    Thomas Edison State College - BA
    Towson University - additional studies
    Southern Oregon University - Graduate Studies
  • Photo of Garret Kovach

    Mr. Garret Kovach 

    Technology Coordinator
    Southern Oregon University - BS
  • Photo of Sean LeBlanc

    Mr. Sean LeBlanc 

    Humanities Instructor
    Louisiana State University - BA
    Louisiana State University - MEd
  • Photo of Eric Micha'el Leventhal

    Mr. Eric Micha'el Leventhal 

    Philosophy & Religion Instructor
    Stanford University - BA
    Institute for Psycho-Structural Balancing - Additional Studies
  • Photo of Bill Levien

    Mr. Bill Levien 

    Technology Coordinator
    Lehigh University - BS
  • Photo of Filippo Lippi

    Mr. Filippo Lippi 

    Technology Coordinator
    University of Rome La Sapienza - BA
  • Photo of Saeed Marandi

    Mr. Saeed Marandi 

    Humanities Instructor
    University of California, Los Angeles - BA
    University of California, Irvine - MAT
    University of California, Irvine - Teaching Credential
  • Photo of Gayle Martelles

    Ms. Gayle Martelles 

    English Instructor
    Portland State - BS
    Lewis & Clark College - MAT
    Stanford University - Undergraduate Studies
  • Photo of Matthew Martin

    Mr. Matthew Martin 

    Dean of Academic & Student Affairs
    San Francisco State University - BA
    University of Massachusetts, Lowell - MEd
    Moreland University - Additional Studies
  • Photo of Lenda McGehee

    Lenda McGehee 

    Fine Arts Instructor
    University of California, Santa Barbara - BFA
    University of Hawaii, Manoa - BA
  • Photo of Ariel Merritt

    Mrs. Ariel Merritt 

    English Instructor
    University of Pennsylvania - BA
    Duke University - MA
    North Carolina State University - MA
  • Photo of Lenna Miller

    Mrs. Lenna Miller 

    Science Instructor
    University of Delaware - BS
    North Carolina State University - MS
    University of Phoenix, Maui - MEd
  • Photo of André Morissette

    AndrĂ© Morissette 

    Costume Design Instructor
    University of Montreal
    University of Quebec
  • Photo of Uilani Nahoolewa

    Ms. Uilani Nahoolewa 

    Fine Arts & Hawaiian Language/History Instructor
    California Polytechnic State University - BS
  • Photo of Stephanie Nelson

    Stephanie Nelson 

    Humanities Instructor
    University of Hartford - BA
    Bank Street College of Education - MSEd
  • Photo of Phoebe Pappalardo

    Ms. Phoebe Pappalardo 

    Math Instructor
    University of Arizona - BA
    University of Hawaii, Manoa - MEdT
  • Photo of Scott Prather

    Mr. Scott Prather 

    Math Instructor/Assistant Athletic Director
    University of Hawaii, Hilo - BA
  • Photo of Phillip Proctor

    Mr. Phillip Proctor 

    Director of Academic & Student Affairs
    East Carolina University - BEd
    East Carolina University - MM
  • Photo of Theresa Malia Quiocho

    Mrs. Theresa Malia Quiocho 84

    Chaminade University - BS
    Chaminade University - MEd
    University of Hawai'i, Manoa - MLISc
  • Photo of William Ray

    Mr. William Ray 

    Humanities Instructor
    University of Hawai'i, West Oahu - BA
    Nova Southeastern University - MS
    Chaminade University - MEd
  • Photo of Wendy Romanchak

    Mrs. Wendy Romanchak 

    Fine Arts Instructor
    University of Hawaii, Manoa - BFA
    Boston University - MA
  • Photo of Valerie Ryden

    Valerie Ryden 

    Health & Wellness Instructor
    University of British Columbia - BEd
    University of British Columbia - BPE
  • Photo of Noah Saltman

    Noah Saltman 

    Science Instructor
    University of Oregon - BS
    Point Loma Nazarene University - MAT
  • Photo of Molly Schad

    Ms. Molly Schad 

    Chorus Instructor
    University of Delaware - BM
  • Photo of Joseph Stafford

    Dr. Joseph Stafford 

    Student Counselor
    University of Pittsburgh - BS
    Temple University - MEd
    Temple University - PhD
  • Photo of Scott Carson Strohecker

    Mr. Scott Carson Strohecker 

    English Instructor
    (808) 572-7235
    Appalachian State University - BA
    The Citadel - MA
  • Photo of Kukini Suwa

    Mr. Kukini Suwa 

    Hawaiian Studies & Language Instructor
    University of Hawaii, Manoa - BA
  • Photo of Saudina Torres

    Saudina Torres 

    Spanish Language Instructor
    Universidad de los Andes - BA
    New York University - English/Spanish Translator
  • Photo of Todd Van Amburgh

    Mr. Todd Van Amburgh 

    English Instructor
    Trinity College - BA
    Middlebury College - MA
  • Photo of Ryan Walsh

    Mr. Ryan Walsh 

    Dean of Academic & Student Affairs
    University of California, Irvine - BA
    University of Phoenix - MA
    California State University, Dominguez Hills - Teaching Credential
  • Photo of Stephanie Walsh

    Mrs. Stephanie (Nelson) Walsh 04

    Director of College Counseling
    University of Denver - BA
    Chaminade University - MS Counseling Psychology
  • Photo of David Ward

    Mr. David Ward 

    Dance Director
    Portland State University
  • Photo of Julie Whiteley

    Ms. Julie Whiteley 

    Learning Specialist
    Tulane University BA
    Johns Hopkins University MS
  • Photo of Sean Wilson

    Mr. Sean Wilson 86

    Math Instructor
    University of Puget Sound - BS
    California State University, Chico - MS
  • Photo of Kevin Yamashiro

    Mr. Kevin Yamashiro 

    Athletic Trainer
    Chapman University - BS
    San Jose State University - MA
Non-Teaching Staff and Administrators

List of 26 members.

  • Photo of Donna Abellanida

    Mrs. Donna Abellanida 

    Staff Accountant
  • Photo of Sean Asuncion

    Mr. Sean Asuncion 

    Physical Facilities
  • Photo of Marianne Berek

    Ms. Marianne Berek 

  • Photo of Bryan Berkowitz

    Mr. Bryan Berkowitz 

    Director of Technology
    Rochester Institute of Technology - BS
  • Photo of Karmen Brown

    Mrs. Karmen Brown 

    Registrar/ Administrative Assistant
  • Photo of Kaimanamalie Brummel

    Kaimanamalie (Lee) Brummel 03

    Director of Advancement
    The George Washington University - BA
  • Photo of Jasmine Deponte

    Mrs. Jasmine Deponte 

    Advancement Services Manager
  • Photo of Yacine Enriquez-Meyer

    Ms. Yacine "Yaya" Enriquez-Meyer 08

    Athletic Director
    Radford University - BS
    University of San Francisco - MA
  • Photo of Marcie Frampton

    Ms. Marcie Frampton 

    Administrative Assistant
  • Photo of Nicole Gonzales

    Mrs. Nicole (Schindler) Gonzales 99

    Director of Alumni Relations
    The Colorado College - BA
  • Photo of Larry Goodknight

    Mr. Larry Goodknight 

    Physical Facilities
  • Photo of Tony Haleakala

    Mr. Tony Haleakala 

    Physical Facilities
  • Photo of Lynn Matayoshi

    Mrs. Lynn Matayoshi 

    Administrative Assistant to the Head of School
  • Photo of Lisa Mullen

    Ms. Lisa Mullen 

    Associate Director of Admissions
  • Photo of Mark Nelson

    Mr. Mark Nelson 

    Physical Facilities
  • Photo of Cristy Pelletier

    Mrs. Cristy Pelletier 

    Director of Parent Relations
  • Photo of John Plunkett

    Mr. John Plunkett 

    Director of Physical Facilities
  • Photo of Christina Ramos

    Mrs. Christina Ramos 

    Food Services
  • Photo of Lecca Roberts

    Ms. Lecca Roberts 04

    School Nurse
    Northeastern University - BSN
    Pepperdine University - BA
  • Photo of Mae Sawamura

    Ms. Mae Sawamura 

    Food Services
  • Photo of Bridget Tisinger

    Mrs. Bridget Tisinger 

  • Photo of Jon Toda

    Mr. Jon Toda 

    Director of Admissions
    University of Colorado, Boulder - BEnvD
  • Photo of David Villanti

    Mr. David Villanti 

    Director of Food Services
  • Photo of Erin Volner

    Mrs. Erin Volner 

    Attendance Coordinator
    University of Hawaii, Manoa - BEd
  • Photo of Natalie Walters

    Mrs. Natalie Walters CPA 

    Business Manager
    University of Hawaii, Manoa - BBA
    University of Hawaii, Manoa - MACC
  • Photo of Brian Yamada

    Mr. Brian Yamada 

    Physical Facilities

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