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Grades 9-12 Athletics

The Seabury Hall Upper School Athletic Program is committed to the physical needs of students in grades 9-12. While incorporating the school's mission statement of developing mind, body, and character, we strive to produce productive citizens and encourage the improvement of each individual's physical and mental state of health.

We believe that participation in structured activities that stress such values as fair play, commitment, dedication, leadership, respect, and teamwork is essential. Each student is given opportunities that will help him/her recognize a moral responsibility for his/her actions and attitudes.

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  • Philosophy of Athletics and PE Program

    "Move with Kindness, Walk with a purpose, Student 100%, Athlete 100%." 

    The athletic program at Seabury Hall is an educational based athletic program that ensures the educational development and well-being of all our student-athletes in grades five through twelve under Seabury Hall's EPIC Values - Empowerment, Passion, Integrity, Curiosity. 
    Our athletic programs emphasize the educational experience and instills qualities such as teamwork, discipline, sportsmanship, leadership, and resilience and use sports and extracurricular activities as a platform to teach valuable life lessons and skills. 

Athletics Policies

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  • Graduation Requirements

    Seabury Hall requires that all 9th thru 12th grade students be enrolled in physical education classes each season of the school year: Fall, Winter, and Spring (12 seasons total)
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  • Student- Athlete Advisory Committee

    Participation in Athletics is a privilege and provides developmental and leadership opportunities for our student-athletes.  It allows our athletes to embody what it means to be a true leader on and off the athletic playing field.

    The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) will give Seabury Hall student-athletes the opportunity to have a voice and feel safe enough to come forward and bring real issues and concerns to the Athletic Director and administration and let them know what our student-athletes need or how they can help to make them productive, aware, and hold them accountable for when issues arise on their respective teams or within the athletics department.
  • Academic Eligibility

    The Athletic Director and Director and  Deans of Academic and Student Affairs (DASA) will work together to determine each student's eligibility status.

    Seabury Hall athletics, as part of the Maui Interscholastic League, adheres to the Department of Education’s 2.0 rule. A student must be passing all “core” courses (defined as courses needed to receive a diploma from the DOE) and also must be maintaining a 2.0 minimum GPA each semester, as well as the first and third quarter that he or she is involved in an athletic activity.  
  • Physicals and Health Insurance

    Any student who chooses to participate in an interscholastic sport must have a current physical (good for one calendar year) on file with the Athletic Trainer and proof of health insurance.

    Seabury Hall does have accident insurance for all students. This insurance is used as a secondary insurance. If your child is injured and you wish to make a claim, you must meet with the Business Manager to complete the necessary forms.

    The Maui Interscholastic League provides catastrophic insurance for all athletes participating in interscholastic activities. This insurance can be used to cover expenses after expenses rise higher than $25,000.
  • Team Commitment

    Privilege to Compete — Assure that student-athletes understand that participation in interscholastic sports programs is a privilege, not a right and that they are expected to represent their school, team and teammates with integrity, on and off the field. Require student-athletes to consistently exhibit good character and conduct themselves as positive role models and instill the EPIC Values of Seabury Hall.

    Once the student is committed to a team he/she is not permitted  to drop from the team. If the student is asked to leave or chooses to leave the team, there will be a penalty. Depending on circumstances, there may be a penalty for up to one calendar year from the date the student ceases being a member of the team. The student may not be allowed to be a participant on any other athletic team during that time and must take PE during the academic day to fulfill their PE requirement.
  • Attendance

    Students must be in school by 9:00 a.m. in order to participate in that day's activity unless the student has made arrangements for a doctor's appointment or other legitimate excuse with the Dean of Students and Academic Affairs prior to 9:00 a.m.  Many times, our MIL games will be scheduled during weekdays.  Parents/guardians should speak to athletes  about their particular class schedules and what work they will be missing. Many teams traveling inter island may miss the entire school day on Fridays due to the Mokulele flight and Expeditions Ferry schedule. 
  • Participation Requirements

    All parents must  accept and sign the 2024-2025 Athletic Handbook Agreement Form prior to their child's participation for Seabury Hall athletics. This form must be completed by the first day of practice or tryouts. Parents / guardians must also attend each sports parent meeting at the beginning of the season.

    By accepting and signing the Athletic Handbook Agreement Form, all athletes and parents acknowledge and accept the following statements and policies regarding sport tryouts and participation.
  • Team Travel & Competition

    Recognizing the importance of fostering a competitive spirit, the school will implement travel rosters at the varsity level, allowing athletes to hone their skills while maintaining a focus on excellence. 
    Travel rosters for all varsity sports will be up to the coaches discretion while taking into consideration attendance, commitment, and dedication to the team.
    • Coaches will abide by the MIL inter-island travel numbers set forth by the Maui Interscholastic League.
  • Chain of Command

    Express concerns regarding your child and/or his/her team directly to the coach first. Decisions on roster composition, lineups, playing time, play calls, coaching style, and game strategy are entrusted to coaches; they do not require justification from parents. For occasions when coaches and parents agree to meet to discuss other concerns from either party, conferences may be arranged.  
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  • Due Process

    A student or parent/legal guardian contesting the disciplinary action taken based on team or department rules shall have the right to appeal. In cases of disciplinary action taken by a coach, the Athletic Director will hear the appeal. In cases of disciplinary actions taken by the Athletic Director, the Head of School will hear the appeal. Requests for an appeal may be made orally or in written form to the respective person (see above). The appeal official shall consider the evidence presented, including statements by legal counsel, and make written findings of the decision within five days of the hearing, with a copy to the student, parent/legal guardian.
  • Vacation Travel / Extended Absences

    The task of building team spirit is derailed when students leave on extended trips and vacations. Developing a team requires a high level of commitment for student athletes and coaches alike. Coaches work with those students who will be at every practice and game to develop team concepts.

    Therefore, students who are participating in any varsity sport who leave the team and miss five consecutive practices will not play in any games prior to the holiday/vacation and must participate in five practices upon their return before participating in any games. Students returning from an extended break must work their way into the system and earn the privilege to play in the games.

Awards and Recognition

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  • Annual Awards

    • 1st year: Chenille letter with a pin for the particular sport.

    • 2nd year: A second pin for each varsity sport completed.

    • 3rd year: Custom Letterman Jacket.

    • 4th year: Seabury Hall Athletic Blanket.

    Multiple: Lettering in a second sport will allow the student to receive a pin for that particular sport.  

    Only one jacket and one blanket will be awarded to any particular student-athlete.
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  • Steve Colflesh Coaches Award

    Seabury Hall Coaches will be asked for input regarding who they feel is deserving of this award at the end of the school year.  This award is named after Coach Steve Cloflesh because he recognized that there are qualities even more valuable to the team than just talent and there is more to the game than just winning and losing. Some of the qualities that the following recipients have shown include:
    1. A positive attitude and a willingness to be a leader
    2. Enthusiasm at all times
    3. Consistent support for the team and individuals throughout the season
    4. Hustle in every task assigned
    5. A respectful attitude towards their teammates, coaches, and opponents
    6. A selfless and giving approach to the Seabury Hall athletic program
  • Emalia Brown Guard Athlete of the Year Award

    This award is determined by the coaches and the Athlete of the Year should demonstrate superior athletic skill, leadership on and off the athletic playing field, and be the type of student that our Seabury Hall department would view as a model for others all while displaying the EPIC values of Seabury Hall  (Empowerment, Passion, Integrity, and Curiosity).
  • Scholar Athlete Award

    This award is given to an individual who has lettered in two varsity sports and maintained top grades amongst the senior class of athletes. To be a scholar-athlete means prioritizing being an excellent student first, and then being the best athlete you can be. The true scholar-athlete is able to find balance amongst the immense scholastic rigors along with the demands associated with playing multiple sports while consistently bringing their absolute best effort. Recipients of this award represent the best of what our student body can be through our EPIC values (Empowerment, Passion, Integrity, and Curiosity.  
  • Super Spartan Award

    A t-shirt and a plaque is awarded to any student-athlete who participates in three varsity sports in one academic year.
  • Iron Man Award

    A t-shirt is awarded to any student-athlete who participates in any three sports, varsity or junior varsity during a single academic year.

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