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Academic Program

Seabury Hall's rigorous curriculum is designed not only to prepare students for college and beyond but to empower students to stretch their limits as well as strengthen existing talents and interests.

Grades 6-8

As the entry-level experience, the sixth-grade curriculum is designed to move students into the expectations, opportunities, and vision of Seabury Hall. Emphasizing interdisciplinary activities and carefully structured challenges that tap student interest and enthusiasm for learning, sixth grade lays the foundation for the major disciplines to be pursued throughout a Seabury career. In order to establish a solid beginning, the first quarter is not graded. Although progress is documented and not reported we will have an extensive conference with each family to share strengths and areas for improvement. This provides the student with a period of time to develop an appropriate routine and foundation without the pressures of grades. An interdisciplinary learning portfolio completes the year, including a reflection evaluating the sixth-grade journey and establishing seventh-grade goals.

The seventh-grade curriculum reinforces the study habits introduced in the sixth grade and teaches students the basic ¨habits of thought¨ associated with the different disciplines they will encounter in their upper school college-preparatory program in a developmentally appropriate context.

The eighth-grade curriculum provides a transition into the upper school by reinforcing the fundamental skills and concepts necessary for success in Upper School coursework in all disciplines. In addition, a final synthesis of research skills is provided in the second-semester eighth-grade interdisciplinary project centered around a student's chosen subject of personal interest. This project is required for graduation from the Middle School.

Typical Schedule:

Sixth Grade:
Arts Rotation (Music, Drama, Art)
PE (General PE, Yogalates, Hula, Dance)
Technology Foundations

Seventh Grade:
Social Studies
PE (General PE, Yogalates, Dance)
Spanish Language and Culture
Elective #1
Elective #2

Eighth Grade: 
Social Studies
PE (General PE, Yogalates, Dance)
World Language (Hawaiian, Japanese or Spanish)
Elective #1
Elective #2

Grades 9-12

To earn a Seabury Hall diploma, students must obtain at least 26 credits. Each semester a student must carry a minimum of six classes (not including Physical Education), including a minimum of four classes in the following departments: English, History & Social Studies, Mathematics, Religion & Philosophy, Science, World Language, and Advanced Placement courses.

(Applies to Class of 2025 and beyond, for Class of 2024 other requirements apply)

Minimum Credits

                        Required Courses
English 4 Pre-AP English 1, Pre-AP English 2, English 3, English 4
History & Social Studies 3 Pre-AP World History 1, Pre-AP World History 2, US History or AP US History
Mathematics 4 Must complete through Algebra 2
Science 4 Pre-AP Bio, Pre-AP Chem
World Language 2 Spanish, Japanese, Hawaiian
(must complete through Level 3)
Fine & Performing
Religion & Philosophy 1  
Health & Wellness 0.5
Engineering & Technology 0.5
Hawaiian Studies 0.5
Community Service 0.5 Grades 9, 10, 11, 12 
Physical Education 2  
Electives 3 Various department offerings 
(an elective is any class taken in any department beyond the requirements listed)
 Total Credits  26  

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