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Student Council

Upper School Student Council Officers:
  • President - Harmony Powers
  • Vice President - Tulip Hori
  • Secretary - Layne Millen
  • Treasurer - Kekai Apana
  • Historian - Elena Parente
  • Social Committee -
    • Sydney Rebugio
    • Max Moquin
    • Sunny Rajesh
    • Iona Asher
    • John Kaahui
    • Alana Jonick
  • Spirit Committee - 
    • Sofia Connor
    • Erika Hammer
    • Emma Davis
    • Malia Luther
    • Cody Frampton
    • Jeaneau Dugied
  • Fundraising Committee -
    • Daisy Barnard
    • Caitlyn Smith-Ryland
    • Lucia McKinnon
    • Makena Ruegsegger
    • Ruby Kofron
    • Blaize Nouchi
  • Activities Committee -
    • Isabelle Brown
    • Rachael Bandy
    • Liam Romanchak
    • Jack Bendon
    • William Judge
    • Giulia Quinsaat
Middle School Student Council Officers:
  • President - Omkar Devaki
  • Vice President - Kristian Hansen
  • Historian - Jocelyn Farmer
  • Secretary - Olivia Aoki
  • Treasurer - Nikki Kayes
Seabury Hall is dedicated to developing future leaders, with student government being an integral component of leadership development. In addition, student government provides the opportunity for students to develop skills in teamwork, holding effective meetings, and advocating for others.

Student government works to perform a variety of services for the student body. Funds are raised through running snack shop and a variety of additional fundraisers. These funds are used to plan social events for the student body, such as dances, ice cream socials, and tail-gate parties prior to athletic contests (to name a few). Events designed to enhance school spirit are also the kuleana of student government, including assembly presentations, planning Senior Nights, and providing Spartan shirts. In addition to planning events, student government acts as the liaison between the student body and the school's administration, advocating for change when appropriate.

There are a variety of elected offices available to the students, and a rather large proportion of the student body become involved. Thirteen Middle School students and 43 Upper School students currently serve in elected office. In addition, many others serve their class or school as volunteer committee members.

Students may participate in the Upper School student council in a variety of capacities. There are four traditional officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Historian, and Treasurer) as well as a Spirit Committee (six members), Social Committee (six members), Fund-Raising Committee (six members), class representatives (four total), and a MDSCO representative. Weekly meetings are open to all students.

In addition to student council, each class has its own four officers, one Judiciary member, and special committees. Each year elections are held to select the officers and Judiciary member, and class committees are formed on a volunteer only basis, guaranteeing the ability to participate. Committees for each class are formed for the year, such as fundraising, or for specific activities such as the senior luau. All students are encouraged to serve on committees.

Four students, one from each Upper School grade, are elected to serve on the Judiciary Committee. This committee, made up of four teachers and four students, meets to provide due process for students who exhibit egregious behavior.


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