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Community Service

Community Service Leadership (CSL)

Community Service Leadership (CSL) provides the framework and the opportunities for Seabury Hall to serve with passion and lead for justice.
The CSL Mission
By fostering local and global relationships of love, trust, and mutual respect, Community Service Leadership (CSL) invites, encourages, and equips the Seabury Hall ‘ohana for passionate service learning, and justice-grounded leadership.
CSL Student 3-Stage Process
Students are welcomed into the CSL three-fold process of:
1.    Preparation 
2.    Participation 
3.    Pondering 
Through which they will:
1.    Seek out and prepare for service and leadership 
2.    Passionately engage with love, trust, and mutual respect
3.    Reflect intentionally about the opportunity and those they encountered
Parents and families are encouraged to guide and support students in:
1.    Finding CSL opportunities that align with their ethics and values
2.    Being fully committed and present during service and leadership
3.    Mindfully processing their interactions and experiences
CSL Goals for Hours and Engagements
To review the CSL full policy and procedure document, including grade-level hour and engagement goals, see
CSL Assessment and Accountability
CSL progress will be assessed by Advisors and reported in the semester with ESU (Exemplary, Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory) progress notations. Each student is required to have their CSL reflections fully updated on the “SpartanServe” platform by the pre-advertised due dates.

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