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Malone Scholars Program

Seabury Hall is exceedingly proud to have been designated Hawaii’s only Malone Family Foundation School. As the Malone Foundation explains, “These partner schools were selected on the basis of their academic caliber; the quality of their staff; excellent accommodations for gifted and talented students; strong AP / IB and enrichment programs; attention to the individual student's needs, interests and talents; financial strength and stability; a commitment to financial aid; and an economically, culturally, ethnically, and socially diverse population.”

Through a generous endowment from the Malone Foundation, perpetually-funded merit scholarships are available at Seabury Hall for new students who are gifted and whose families are also currently experiencing financial need. It is open to new students entering seventh through ninth grades, who are selected on the basis of academic excellence, exemplary character, motivation, and potential for contributing to Seabury Hall and beyond the school community. An essay is required as part of this special application.

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For more information about Seabury Hall admissions and this scholarship, interested students should contact Elaine Nelson, Seabury Hall Director of Admissions, at (808) 572-0807.  

Seabury Hall Application Deadline:  February 1, 2021.

"When I received the Malone Scholarship, it opened the door to a whole new world. Before the Malone Scholarship, I would never have thought of going to a private school like Seabury Hall. However, thanks to the generosity of the Malone Family Foundation, I was able to enter this amazing community and engage in discussions with peers who truly care about their education and love learning. At Seabury, I have made so many meaningful connections with other students and faculty, as well as being exposed to opportunities I could never even dream of. I believe that coming here has allowed my horizons to broaden further and that this school is truly the right choice for those in constant pursuit of excellence. If you want to attend Seabury Hall but feel limited by your financial situation, applying for scholarships like the Malone Scholarship is a great idea and one you certainly won’t regret."

Lyn Chen, Class of 2022
“The Malone Scholarship is a monumental opportunity that I will forever be grateful for. Without it, I would not have any direction in life for what I would want to do after high school. Getting this scholarship changed my life, and is the reason I have any guidance to where I might want to attend college. Without attending Seabury Hall, I would definitely be constantly bored during classes, and would slack off, however, I now have advanced my time management and gained a lot of knowledge that I would not have gotten at public school. I hope that I can get into some of the colleges I am looking into, and hopefully keep studying kinesiology.”

Connor (Pono) Birnie, Class of 2021

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