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Dance Program

Seabury Hall values an education that is balanced in all aspects of a student’s development.  From academics to physical fitness, from creative arts to social responsibility, we strive to build well rounded individuals, encouraging them to find their unique voice. A commitment to the performing arts is a perfect example of this, Seabury Hall believes the fine and performing arts play a vital role in the development of the whole person. Building creative thinkers while fostering a passion for lifelong learning.  
The Seabury Hall Dance Program is a trademark of excellence in our performing arts department. Known for outstanding training, performances, and inclusion. Any student who wants to dance can thrive in our program. No matter your experience, talent, or physical ability, the doors are open for students from 5th to 12th grades. My personal philosophy has always been, if you’re committed, work hard, and maintain a positive attitude, every student will have the opportunity to participate in the Seabury Hall Dance Ensemble, our top performance company by their senior year.  
Our school motto EPIC: Empowerment, Passion, Integrity, and Curiosity is clearly on display in the Seabury Hall Dance Program and performing arts department!
David Ward
Director of Dance

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David Ward
Director of Dance
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