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Transferring Resources for Alumni

While our mission is to find the best fit institution for each student, we understand that sometimes students want to transfer.  We are here to walk alumni through the transferring process, generate an application list, and provide feedback on application materials.  Please call or email the College Counseling office for additional information.
Requesting Materials
Please fill out the following form to request high school transcripts and/or letters of recommendation.  Please know that this can take up to a week to process.

Seabury Hall Request for Transcript
Seabury Hall: 480 Olinda Rd Makawao, HI 96768
CEEB Code: 120198
Student Name (at time of attendance at Seabury Hall)
Guidelines for Transcript Requests
1. Transcript requests are only processed on Wednesdays and Fridays. 2. Transcripts are only mailed via USPS. Please allow time for this process. An incomplete form will cause a delay. 3. Official transcripts (signed by the registrar and embossed with the school seal) will only be sent directly to a business or educational institution. Unofficial transcripts may be mailed directly to you or may be sent via electronic transmission. 4. If a student has graduated, his/her parent(s) may not request the transcript on behalf of the student. 5. A transcript is not the complete academic record of the student and will not include standardized test scores.
Guidelines for Letters of Recommendation Requests
All Seabury Hall letters of recommendation are written confidentially and will never be released to students or families. If requested, letters will be mailed directly to the institution.

Contact Us

Seabury Hall
College Counseling Office
Phone: (808) 572-7235

Stephanie (Nelson) '04 Walsh
Director of College Counseling
Phone: (808) 572-7235 x123

Francesca Cipro '99
Associate Director of College Counseling
Phone: (808) 572-7235 x124

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