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Seabury Hall offers a variety of support services to empower students to reach their fullest potential as they prepare for college.

In the Middle & Upper Schools, all students have access to their teachers, advisors, counselor, and a learning support specialist, who all come together as a team to provide student support in the areas of academic coaching, social-emotional counseling, and learning support. We recognize that students have diverse needs and are impacted by a variety of factors so we strive to provide a multifaceted approach in response. When a student is struggling academically, socially, emotionally, or spiritually, it’s important that families and staff work together to provide appropriate interventions in a timely manner. 


In both the Middle and Upper School divisions, teachers are available for extra help in their respective classrooms from 3:00 to 3:30 from Monday through Thursday. Teachers may also be available to meet with students during their unstructured help time, if requested in advance. Students should assume responsibility for arranging conferences with their teachers as needed. If you have questions about your child’s needs in a particular subject area, please contact your child’s teacher directly.

In the Upper School, all students are overseen by a Grade-Level Dean. The Deans’ primary responsibility is to help students academically. This duty includes reviewing grade and deficiency reports, parent notices, and attendance; to help identify trends in the student’s behavior or academic performance. If a student demonstrates a pattern of weakness that has not improved through consistent classroom interventions and coordination with the student's teachers and parents, the Grade-Level Dean will work with the student’s teachers to design a comprehensive student support plan. The plan will include specific and measurable learning goals, instructional strategies for teachers, and additional supports such as targeted practice with core teachers, peer tutoring, direct study skills instruction with our learning specialist, and/or social-emotional counseling. 


In both divisions of the school, students are assigned an advisor who will guide them on their academic journey. The advisor works will a small group of students and serves as the liaison between the student, the student's family, and the school. The advisor will model and teach behaviors, habits, and techniques that will help students find a balance between academic success and emotional well-being. The advisor will guide advisees by assisting in activities such as helping the student devise a four-year plan, selecting courses and activities, examining the pros and cons of lifestyle choices, and assisting the student and parents in contacting the right person for additional support. 

All students also have access to the School Counselor in times of distress. The counselor addresses behavioral health and learning needs in a collaborative manner and can provide mental health counseling to students as needed. The counselor acts as an advocate for students’ well-being and is a valuable resource for their educational advancement. The counselor may help students with issues such as bullying, low self-esteem, poor academic performance, and issues with interpersonal relations. The counselor will help evaluate students’ abilities, interests, and personalities to help them develop realistic goals with support from families and teachers.


It is important that all Seabury Hall students have access to a high-quality education that meets their unique needs. While we do not modify the curriculum to alter what a student is expected to learn, accommodations may change how a student learns and interacts with the material. Parents of students with diagnosed and documented learning differences should contact the Learning Specialist and provide a copy of evaluation reports as well as any past learning or accommodation plans (including Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and/or 504 Accommodation Plans). This information is vital to designing effective and appropriate school-based supports to address students’ individual learning needs. 
Students with diagnosed learning differences may also qualify for accommodations on national standardized and College Board exams, such as the SAT, ACT, and AP exams. There are strict guidelines surrounding eligibility for these accommodations. Please contact the Learning Specialist, who also serves as the SSD Coordinator, with questions related to accommodations on national standardized assessments. 


The health and safety of students and staff are priorities here at Seabury Hall. Students with chronic health conditions may benefit from a Health Accommodation and/or Emergency Action Plan to ensure that staff members know how to respond if a situation arises. Students who experience temporary health issues, such as those who have sustained a concussion or experience a prolonged illness, may also require a health plan to assist in a speedy recovery. Health information will only be shared on a need-to-know basis in accordance with FERPA guidelines. We encourage you to contact the School Nurse directly with any health-related questions.
    • Julie Whiteley: Learning Specialist and SSD Coordinator
    • Dr. JJ Stafford: School Counselor
    • Jennifer Charyk: School Nurse

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Learning Specialist and SSD Coordinator
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Dr. Joseph Stafford
School Counselor
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Jennifer Charyk
School Nurse
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