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College Counseling

Seabury Hall students are receiving the best possible preparation for college.  There is support at every level in our school community to insure that they are actively planning and preparing for the future.  We offer a variety of services that range from general information and gentle encouragement in the freshman year to suggestions to ease the final transition from high school senior to college student.  We guide students through this often-confusing process, helping them define their own strengths and preferences while encouraging them to explore the many options available at Seabury and beyond.  Our goal is to help each student find the right match in a college - a school that will meet his or her needs, abilities, ambitions, and interests.
All students are welcome to come to the College Guidance Office to ask questions or to explore its contents.
Quotes from Past and Current Parents

“Seabury Hall’s College Counseling program is a great resource. I wish I had utilized them more. They are a wealth of knowledge in helping with the entire application process. They know what the colleges are looking for, which will assist students/parents with the fine tuning of their application for the best results. I was thankful they insisted on my child apply for more colleges than she wanted. It opened up opportunities we did not think of, even though she did not want to go to the East coast we learned from the process, making her application stronger. The reason I feel the college counseling program is worth its weight in gold is they will help throughout the process but they will continue to be a resource if assistance is needed after graduation, for grants or changing colleges for a better fit.”

- Class of 2017 Parent


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Stephanie Walsh (Nelson '04)
Director of College Counseling
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Francesca Cipro ('99)
Associate Director of College Counseling
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