Coeducational College Preparatory Day School serving Grades 6-12

Upper School

Seabury Hall's Upper School, in accordance with the school's mission, is committed to a learning environment that allows for young minds to expand. Students learn how to think critically, explore creatively, study, question, and to be students and "individuals" in a safe and caring atmosphere.

Students in the Upper School continue to build on and reinforce the knowledge, skills, habits, and goals acquired in the Middle School, while simultaneously working towards greater independence and self-actualization as they move towards graduation and college.

As students move from grade level to grade level and the freedom of choice and responsibility increases, the support system of teachers, advisors, deans, counselors, and administrators works closely with students to help them succeed while discovering themselves and pursuing their passions.

A large number of new students are admitted in the ninth grade, who add to the quality and diversity of the student body when combined with students moving up from Seabury Hall's Middle School.

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