Coeducational College Preparatory Day School serving Grades 5-12

The Seabury Hall Experience

Feedback received from the New Parent Survey:

“We feel truly blessed to have our daughter attend Seabury. The quality of education she is receiving surpasses any of our expectations. The small class size and individual attention she is receiving is crucial and essential in her educational experience at Seabury Hall.” - New Middle School Parent 

“Very pleased overall. The best option for our child.” - New Upper School parent

"Seabury Hall has touched our son and in turn, our life, in such positive ways that I cannot express our gratitude enough."  - New 7th grade parent

“We have been so impressed with the feedback and coaching our son has received. We’ve never seen him so motivated to push himself and he is enjoying the challenge and feels a part of something great!” - New Upper School parent.

“It is a pleasure to be a part of Seabury Hall. We feel grateful for all of the opportunities it offers. Thank you.”  - New 6th grade parent

“Coming from private schools in California, your school exceeds them all.” - New Middle School parent 

“Excellent, beyond expectations, great teacher-student relationships.” - New Middle School parent 
Feedback from parents regarding our Return to Campus Plan:

"Thank you for making this great effort. I am so impressed and thankful for all the teachers and admin for trying to find a way forward whereby we can all still be together in community.”. 

I just wanted to shout out that you guys are AWESOME!!!"

"I LOVE the CAN DO attitude and never have I been more proud to be a Seabury Spartan Family."

"Way to adjust sails, reimagine and make it work in new and exciting ways. Our kids are energized, excited and so eager to learn."

"You have our support!  We are very grateful for all you are doing to conduct school safely!”

"I loved the virtual school tour and how you have all the seating arrangements marked out with stickers."

"I truly am so grateful our kids are getting in person school!!!"
Feedback from parents regarding our Distance Learning Program (Spring 2020):

“I am beyond impressed with the Seabury Hall Distance Learning Plan.  My children are engaged and excited to be learning despite being stuck at home.  I am very grateful to the Seabury faculty and administration for educating my children during this pandemic.  We are at home, but we are still connected and learning, and for that we are eternally grateful.”  - 6th & 10th Grade Parent.
I think you all are amazing. The adaptability of both our staff and kids in this great “new” chapter should be celebrated.  - 7th Grade Parent.
Thank you all for doing such an amazing job with distance learning.  - 8th Grade Parent.
You have led a truly remarkable online distance learning experience for students.  I just wanted to make sure I included my voice in true congratulations and admiration to you and to the Seabury team for the continuity in learning but also in keeping the kids connected. From things like the weekly physical education type of challenges to the morning assemblies to the musical events that are happening…there is a feeling of connection.  Just in terms of the standalone quality of the program we are all experiencing right now, it’s fantastic. But given the circumstances and the fast pace and dynamic nature of changing details related to the pandemic, it’s even more impressive.  - 6th Grade Parent. 

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