Coeducational College Preparatory Day School serving Grades 6-12

Message from the Head of School


You may know that I am relatively new to Seabury Hall, but I have quickly grown to love this school and its people. My first impression of Seabury Hall was based on its stunning campus, with white-arched buildings, lush landscapes, and views of the Pacific Ocean. If you spend some time exploring our website, you will quickly get a sense of the school’s beauty.

What is more difficult to do online is to get a real feel for our school community that serves a vital, diverse student body. The campus is populated with a warm staff whose most genuine desire is to support the students as they engage in an outstanding college preparatory education. This education would not be possible without the faculty themselves, who uphold strong academic standards and offer a wide variety of courses, including rigorous AP options, designed to help our students get placed into the best colleges in the country.

Through our website, you will also discover another aspect of the traditional college-preparatory experience: its offerings of art, dance, music, and fifteen different sports ranging from traditional volleyball, basketball, and cross country teams to island favorites of surfing and paddling.

While our students are learning and doing, they are also developing a meaningful life. A strong advisory program and all-school assemblies bring the community together and support the growth of each student’s character as well as his or her intellect and sense of belonging. If you want to get a true picture of the entire Seabury Hall experience, seek out its alumni, a lineage of successful leaders, who will share their personal experiences of an educational community that is prepared to teach and inspired to care.

Seabury Hall has been educating the best and the brightest of Maui since 1964, while also evolving to serve the students of today by balancing tradition and innovation. Explore our website, click some links, check out our Open House opportunities, and then I hope that you will come visit us in person.


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