Coeducational College Preparatory Day School serving Grades 5-12
Past Performances

Dance Showcase 2021

Seabury Hall Performing Arts
    Presents the 32nd annual
    Dance Showcase Assessment ‘21
All levels of Seabury Hall’s Dance Program
Directed by David Ward

Two nights:
Friday & Saturday, April 30 & May 1 @ 7PM

`A`ali`ikūhonua Creative Arts Center
    Seabury Hall
Limited Socially Distant Reservations
Reservations are limited to two tickets to one show per performer
Performer's name must be indicated when reserving tickets

Free admission

Wow, what an unusual year this has been!

    The challenges of working during a pandemic -- wearing masks, trying to find some kind of normalcy, and finding new and creative ways to keep our students engaged, inspired, and involved in the performing arts... No easy task!

     Nevertheless, we did it! 

    This Dance Showcase assessment presentation has 64 middle and upper school students dancing their hearts out! It has been a long and challenging year dancing in masks and trying to create choreography where students don’t touch.

    No lifts, no partner work, and no tight group sections!
    Because so many activities have been taken away from students, it’s been such an inspiration and deeply rewarding experience to spend months together working toward common goals. The love, joy, and care these students show for each other is heartwarming. 

    It’s been like a performing arts club where kids come to find release from the stress and challenges around them. 
    Highlights of this year’s Dance Showcase are two new works by guest choreographers Hallie Hunt and Seabury Hall Alum Heather Kelsey, three ballet works by Vanessa Cerrito, three works by Andre Morissette, seven new dances by David Ward.
    One of the best parts of the year was knowing how hungry students are for something positive and creative -- and watching as sheer joy lights up their faces!  Together we created magical life experiences for many students and proudly continue to inspire through the power of Arts Education!

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