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Rising Senior Scholarship

About the Alumni Scholarship

Each year the Seabury Hall Alumni Association (SHAA) awards Rising Senior Scholarships to current juniors. The purpose of the scholarship is to acknowledge, encourage, and reward juniors who have demonstrated leadership, fulfilled their academic potential, and served their community during their high school career.  Since 1996 the Seabury Hall Alumni Association has awarded 71 scholarships to current juniors, to help offset Seabury Hall tuition expenses in their senior year. In the first year of the scholarship, SHAA awarded one scholarship of $500.00.  Since then, the awards have increased in number and amount, and in 2021 SHAA awarded $13,500 in Rising Senior Scholarships to six (6) qualified recipients who received from $1,000 to $3000 each. The amount and number of scholarships to be awarded is based on financial need. 

2024 Scholarship Dates & Deadlines
January 16 - Junior Class Meeting Presentation
March 1 - Deadline for Submission
March 5 & 6 - Written Application Blind Review by Alumni Committee 
April 3 & 4 - In-Person Interviews by Alumni Committee
May 16 - Awards announced at the Academic Awards Assembly

We are no longer accepting applications for 2024.
Congratulations to the 2023
Rising Senior Scholarship Recipients

Kekai Apana
Avery Ardoin
Daisy Barnard
George Dagan
Tiara Dorn
Jeaneau Dugied
Cody Frampton
Kobe Garcia
Tulip Hori
John Kaahui
Sunny Rajesh
Sydney Rebugio


The Seabury Hall Alumni Association (SHAA) is an association of former students of Seabury Hall. SHAA helps alumni maintain connections to Seabury; helps organize social events, publish alumni achievements and news, and raise funds for Seabury Hall. SHAA is governed by a Board of Directors made up of at least 15 but not more than 25 members, and its officers include a President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

With over 2,700 Alumni worldwide, the Seabury Hall Alumni Association is your connection to a diverse and far-reaching network. We strive to enrich the lives of alumni by helping them establish lifelong, meaningful and valued relationships with Seabury Hall and each other.

SHAA Vision Statement
Bring alumni together to help the Seabury Hall community flourish.

SHAA Mission Statement
Advance the interest of the Seabury Hall community by:

  • Engaging alumni to contribute their expertise
  • Encouraging fellowship with future graduates
  • Providing social and professional opportunities
  • Promoting a culture of giving

2022-2023 OFFICERS
Zadoc Brown III '87
Position Open
Position Open

2022-2023 DIRECTORS
Lauren Armstrong '03
Terry Raikes '88 Emde
Renee Judd '99 Friend
Nicole Schindler '99 Gonzalez
Ryan McLaughlin '99
Zachary McNish '95
Sara DePalma '92 Smith

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Phone: (808) 442-6111

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