Coeducational College Preparatory Day School serving Grades 5-12

Welcome Message

Aloha Friends,

Welcome to Seabury Hall, a school where empowerment, integrity, passion, and curiosity converge to shape the minds and hearts of our remarkable students. As the Director of Advancement, I am honored to invite you to make a lasting impact on our school by contributing your time, skills, and resources.

Seabury Hall is not just an independent school; it is a community of learners and leaders who are committed to creating a brighter future. Our EPIC values of empowerment, passion, integrity, and curiosity are at the core of everything we do and serve as the foundation for our students' growth and success.

Empowerment: we believe in fostering an environment where every student can thrive and reach their full potential. By investing in our school, you empower our students to dream big and become the architects of their future.

we are dedicated to igniting that flame within each student, inspiring them to pursue their passions wholeheartedly. Supporting our school enables us to provide exceptional educational experiences, innovative programs, and resources that nurture and fuel our students' passions.

Integrity: we instill in our students the importance of honesty, respect, and ethical behavior. Your philanthropy allows us to maintain the highest standards of integrity, ensuring that our students develop into principled leaders who will positively impact society.

Curiosity: we encourage our students to question, explore, and seek knowledge beyond the classroom. Your generosity enables us to offer enriching opportunities and transformative experiences in academics, arts, athletics, and technology that foster curiosity, preparing our students to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing world.

I invite you to become part of our Seabury Hall family, where your partnership and support can make a profound difference in the lives of our students. Together, we can create a community where empowerment, integrity, passion, and curiosity are celebrated and nurtured. Thank you for considering making an impact at Seabury Hall. Your contribution will transform lives and shape a brighter future.

Me ka haʻahaʻa,
Kaimanamālie Lee ‘03 Brummel
Director of Advancement
Kaimana Lee ʻ03 Brummel
Director of Advancement
(808) 572-7235
Jasmine Deponte
Advancement Services Manager
(808) 572-7235
Nicole Schindler '99 Gonzales
Director of Alumni Relations
(808) 572-7235
Cristy Pelletier
Parent Relations
(808) 572-7235
Sara Sugidono
Graphic Designer

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