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Middle School Academic Program

Arts and Technology Program

7th and 8th Grade, Semester Long

Seventh and Eighth graders make semester long selections from Fine Arts, Performing Arts, and Technology offerings and are graded on an A - F system. The letter grades for these courses are not averaged with the other grades for honor roll. However, a student must achieve a “C-" or greater to be eligible for the honor roll.


Students will be developing their visual arts foundations by exploring the Elements and Principles of Art. Students build their confidence and “visual voice” through skill building projects that emphasize the art-making process; brainstorming for original ideas, creating multiple drafts and then learn to present their concept before building their art.

Visual arts skills prepare students for an increasingly complex world and work environments, including: Creativity and Innovation, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Communication, and Collaboration.

Students learn to:
  • Be self-corrective problem–solvers.
  • Demonstrate and connect art with other areas of life.
  • Provide the knowledge to develop their own concepts and ideas.
  • Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work.
  • Organize and develop artistic ideas and work.
  • Refine and complete artistic work.

Topics offered may include a selection of the following:

The most important element for this semester-long course is the opportunity to paint and express oneself in this versatile medium. Learning to use materials as well as interpret them into personal investigation or meaning is primary. Students will use the Elements and Principles of Art using various mediums including watercolor, pastels, gouache and acrylic. Students learn about the importance of a sketchbook and they will design their own.

The goal of this semester-long course is to encourage students to experience drawing as a way of "seeing", as opposed to looking. The ability to draw is not a gift, but a learned skill. Drawing records visual thinking and is a basis for developing any art form. Students will use the Elements and Principles of Art with various mediums including graphite or charcoal pencils, pen and ink and various techniques to study value. Students learn about the importance of a sketchbook and they will design their own.

Sculpture/Mixed Mediums
Students will use the Elements and Principles of Art with various mediums including wet clay, plastic clay, plaster, natural materials and found objects to study and build forms. We will study Master artisitʻs to explore and learn about the building blocks of 3d design. Students learn about the importance of a sketchbook and they will design their own.


Students develop beginning to advanced performance skills on wind and percussion instruments.  Students will also participate in school concerts and various community events.  
Throughout this course students will:
  • Perform varied musical works based on interest, knowledge, technical skill, and context.
  • Evaluate and refine personal and ensemble performances (through rehearsals), individually and in collaboration with others.
  • Perform expressively, with appropriate interpretation and technical accuracy, and in a manner appropriate to the audience and context.
  • Evaluate musical works and performance(s) based on analysis, interpretation, and established criteria.


The main purpose of Chorus is to instill the students with the joy of singing. Along with this joy comes the discipline of learning basic singing techniques, as well as the spirit of team work and the challenge of public performance. Students learn proper breathing, correct posture, vocal placement, clear diction, and musical interpretation, as well as elementary music theory (key signatures, time signatures, note and rest values, musical notation). The class will cover a wide variety of musical styles, both sacred and secular, including (but not limited to) classical, popular, musical theater, and Hawaiian.

Drama and Sociodrama

Students explore drama as a creative art for a trimester during their 6th grade year. The classes involve the fundamentals of storytelling, stagecraft, acting technique, and design through group and solo improvisations, theatre games, and structured activities. Concentration in the area of free imagination and creation is stressed, as are collaborative and individual efforts. Students are introduced to effective approaches to public speaking and vocal production while contributing to a variety of projects. Other pertinent and age appropriate topics such as bullying, personal responsibility, and the power of the individual to effect change are also woven in with support from the school counselor. In addition, students may participate in the annual play productions, and other related activities.


Topics offered may include a selection of the following: 

Video Production
Our Middle School Video Production class focuses on the technical side of digital storytelling. Students learn how composition and positioning techniques, camera settings, audio recording and lighting can all be used to enhance the story they are telling.  Students work in small groups taking on various roles such as director, cameraperson, audio grip, and actor. The Seabury Hall Middle School also produces film for the PBS Hiki Nō student news show.  Students who undertake this additional challenge learn the skills that are required to produce professional quality video.

The Seabury Hall Middle School Robotics course is designed to get students excited to build and program robots.  A variety of tools are used, including Lego EV3 kits, Arduino micro controllers, and RaspberryPi computers, combined with 3D printing and laser cutting.  Students are challenged to solve a variety of problems, document their progress and work together to create functioning prototypes.  Students will also learn basic circuitry and how to wire a variety of components to bring their creations to life.

Maker Lab
The Maker Lab program is designed to let students try the variety of tools and tech on offer within our Middle School MakerSpace.  Each student can submit a project proposal or choose from multiple projects offered during the quarter long course. The goal of the class is to teach organizational and time management skills in a shop environment.  Projects range from rapid prototyping with our laser cutter and 3D printer, programming, video, animation, physical computing and robotics.

Exploratories (Quarterly)

In addition to the semester long Arts & Technology Program, students also participate in quarterly exploratories where there is a wide array of offerings. 

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