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Athletics and Physical Education

The Middle School Physical Education (PE) and Athletic Program is committed to the needs of students in grades six through eight offering a wide variety of options both during and after school. All students are encouraged to participate. Our Middle School PE staff includes a PE teacher, Athletic Coordinator, and Athletic Director. Our Dance program also has three instructors for 7th and 8th grades and a Hula instructor whose classes are part of the physical education experience.

Purchasing Uniforms

Uniforms are required for PE and Hula but students are allowed to wear loose fitting dance attire if for PE when they have dance. Students will be able to purchase their PE uniforms during PE or after school. You may send a check made out to Seabury Hall (price is still being determined but is approximately $30 per set). Please continue to check the M.S. announcement page for updates on athletic events and practice times.

Goals for Middle School Athletics and Physical Education

  • To have fun
  • Learn, practice and execute fundamentals of various activities
  • Develop a variety of skills that transfer to other areas including a healthy lifestyle
  • Develop individual and team characteristics to include respect, honesty, enthusiasm, support, and sportsmanship

6th Grade

Students in the sixth grade will have Physical Education 4 times in a 6-day rotation. The PE classes are structured to learn basic fundamentals of sports offered in the upper school, practice and to execute those skills in lead up games and in class tournaments. The 6th graders are encouraged to participate on the Middle school athletic teams. Practices are held during their PE block or after school. One day a week students meet with our Hula teacher to learn basic hula steps, language and culture of Hawaii.

7th & 8th Grade

Choices for the seventh and eighth grade students include: General Physical Education, Dance and Hula. All classes are offered during the school day. With each new quarter students make new selections and are encouraged to try new things. During General PE class students will have the opportunity to work with coaches to prepare and practice for seasonal team sports such as volleyball and basketball.
After school activities may include Cross Country, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Golf, and Track. Please check our M.S. announcement page for information about practice times.

Seabury Hall Middle School Physical Education Offerings (in-school PE)

  • Quarter 1- Cross Country, Football
  • Quarter 2-Volleyball
  • Quarter 3- Basketball, Track
  • Quarter 4- Softball

7th & 8th grade P.E. Movement (Dance) options (in-school PE)

  • Quarter 1- Jazz
  • Quarter 2- Line Dancing
  • Quarter 3- Musical Theater
  • Quarter 4- Modern/Creative Movement

This PE option is a dance/movement class open to all 7th & 8th grade students from beginners to intermediate who want to study the art and physicality of various dance forms. Each quarter, we change the focus of the material with a new group of students, giving them the opportunity to learn basic ideas in style and quality of motion. Each day there is a warm-up followed by an aerobic section, and finished with learning dance steps of that quarter’s focus (Jazz, Musical Theater etc.). Students may choose movement/dance as their P.E. choice on a quarterly basis. This class meets during their P.E. block. Class size is limited but we do our best to accommodate needs with preference given to students who are signing up for the first time. We also have an after school dance program that meets throughout the school year.

Thank you for supporting our athletic and physical education program and encouraging your children to try new things. Parent volunteers are another way for you to participate as well. Please contact the Athletic Director at 572-8394 if you have questions.

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