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28th Seabury Hall Golf Tournament

Saturday, September 10, 2022
Wailea Blue Course

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  • Goals for Students

    • To have fun
    • To develop school pride, unity, and character
    • To experience the kind of success that is measured not by winning or losing, but rather by effort, hustle, and the ability for each player to become the best he/she can possibly be
    • To compete at the highest level
    • To demonstrate humility and responsibility in both wins and losses
    • To develop individual and team characteristics that include respect, enthusiasm, loyalty, support, confidence, integrity, and sportsmanship
    • To learn, practice, and execute the fundamentals of the various sports with excellence as the goal. Strict attention must be paid to detail so that sharpness and hustle prevail
    • To be in the best mental and physical condition possible
    • To discover oneself
  • Graduation Requirements

    Seabury Hall requires that all 9th thru 12th grade students be enrolled in physical education classes each season of the school year: Fall, Winter, and Spring (12 seasons total) 
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Athletics Policies

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  • Academic Eligibility

    Seabury Hall, as part of the Maui Interscholastic League, adheres to the Department of Education's 2.0 rule. Students must be passing all "core" courses (defined as courses needed to receive a diploma from the DOE) and maintaining a 2.0 each semester and the first and third quarter that they are involved in an athletic activity. Students who do not meet these standards are placed on a probationary status, where their grades are checked every two weeks. The student is allowed to practice, but not participate in any interscholastic activities during the two weeks that he/she is ineligible. If, after the two-week period, the student has improved and now meets the minimum standards, he/she is eligible until the next two-week grade check.

    Students at Seabury Hall are encouraged to meet with teachers during the extra help time (3:00-3:30 pm) in order to maintain a solid academic standing. Receiving "extra help" is an excused tardy to practice.
  • Physicals and Health Insurance

    Any student who chooses to participate in an interscholastic sport must have a current physical (good for one calendar year) on file with the Athletic Trainer and proof of health insurance.

    Seabury Hall does have accident insurance for all students. This insurance is used as a secondary insurance. If your child is injured and you wish to make a claim, you must meet with the Business Manager to complete the necessary forms.

    The Maui Interscholastic League provides catastrophic insurance for all athletes participating in interscholastic activities. This insurance can be used to cover expenses after expenses rise higher than $25,000.
  • Commitment

    Once a student is committed to a team, he/she is not allowed to drop from the team. If the student is asked to leave, or chooses to leave the team without the coach's permission, there will be a penalty, which lasts for one calendar year from the date the student ceases being a member of the team. The student will not be allowed to be a participant on any athletic team during that time, and must take physical education classes during the academic day.
  • Standards (Unexcused Absence)

    There are times when a student has obligations that take priority over a practice or game. These are viewed as excused absences. For these times, the student must communicate verbally to either the head coach or the Athletic Director. If the student misses an off season workout, practice or game without notification, it is considered unexcused. Before the student returns to the athletic program there will be a meeting with the student and the head coach. (The Athletic Director may substitute for the coach for whatever reason.) Consequences for an unexcused absence could be as follows:
    • suspension 
    • extra practice
    • coach's discretion
    • removal from the athletic program
    Students must be in school, attending class, by 10:00 am in order to be eligible to participate in that day's practices or contest.
  • Pre and Post Season Meetings

    A pre-season meeting will be held Saturday, August 18 in the Seabury Hall dining hall at 10:00 and 5:00. This meeting is required of all Upper School parents whose child will be participating in an interscholastic sport this academic year.  At this meeting parents view an "assumed risk" video, which is mandatory for their student's participation in the interscholastic program (if a parent is not able to view the video at the meeting, it must be accessed from the Seabury Hall athletic webpage, and a signature form must be downloaded and returned to the Athletic Office). Athletic policies will be discussed at this meeting.

    Coaches will meet with their athlete's parents prior to the season to discuss rules and regulations pertaining to that specific sport.

    At the conclusion of the season, each team has a meeting or potluck to bring closure to the season, collect uniforms, and present letters, pins or sweatshirts to the students (See "lettering" below for information on receiving these awards).  
  • Transportation and Team Travel

    When a team must travel by air, the school will make reservations for the entire team. The Athletic Director must approve any changes made by individuals. The student's family will absorb any expenses for any changes.

    The total number of people allowed to travel with a team to Molokai, Lanai, or on pre-season trips is limited by the Maui Interscholastic League (MIL). The number allowed per team, including coaches and players, is as follows: Basketball (14), Baseball (21), Cross Country (8), Golf (6 boys, 5 girls), Paddling (18), Soccer (20), Softball (21), and Tennis (7). There will be times when a team has more students than are allowed to travel. Those students will not be able to travel to Molokai, Lanai, or on a pre-season trip. Please contact the coach of your child's sport for clarification of the traveling roster. This is a rule of the MIL and Seabury Hall cannot adjust the number arbitrarily.

    When teams travel to Lahaina or Hana on a school day, students needing transportation will travel by bus or van. Students who wish to be transported by their parents will be able to do so with the Athletic Director's permission.  There may be occasions when some students will be allowed to meet the bus at a location closer to their home. Students are not allowed to leave the contest site with anyone other than their parent or legal guardian. A student can only be released if the parent makes eye-to-eye contact with the coach and discusses this change in travel.
  • Uniform Issue and Purchase

    Seabury Hall will provide a set of game uniforms for most sports. New uniforms are normally purchased every three years. Golf, Swimming, Tennis, and Paddling purchase their own uniforms. Other sports may purchase a second uniform. Any uniform or equipment issued by the athletic department is to be kept in good repair and returned at the conclusion of the season.
  • Team T-Shirts

    Teams wishing to issue shirts, warm-ups, or other items must adhere to the following guidelines:
    • The only writing on the front will be the Seabury Hall Athletics logo
    • On the back, there can be reference to a particular team
    • Adherence to the schoolʻs athletic style guide
  • Transition to a New Sport

    Students whose Fall or Winter season is completed are allowed two rest days and then they are expected to choose their next activity. Should the next activity be another interscholastic sport, there will be a "try out time" consisting of 5 consecutive practice days to determine whether they wish to continue with the sport they have chosen. Should they attend a 6th practice, they are considered on that team. Once they are a member of the team, they are defined as committed to that team.
  • Chain of Command

    Questions and concerns that arise during the athletic season can best be addressed by the individual coaches. We recommend that the student meet with the coach prior to the parent's involvement. Students and coaches learn a great deal when they talk about the student's concerns. The Athletic Director serves as a third party should the student choose that support. Coaches should only be approached at a scheduled meeting. Experience has shown that meetings immediately after a practice or contest are less productive then those that take place at a scheduled time. Only after the coaches have been consulted should a concern be taken to the Athletic Director. Ultimate authority and major policy changes rest with the Head of School. 
  • Due Process

    A student or parent/legal guardian contesting the disciplinary action taken based on team or department rules shall have the right to appeal. In cases of disciplinary action taken by a coach, the Athletic Director will hear the appeal. In cases of disciplinary actions taken by the Athletic Director, the Head of School will hear the appeal. Requests for an appeal may be made orally or in written form to the respective person (see above). The appeal official shall consider the evidence presented, including statements by legal counsel, and make written findings of the decision within five days of the hearing, with a copy to the student, parent/legal guardian.
  • Vacation Travel

    Developing a team is a difficult and challenging task. It requires a high level of commitment for student athletes and coaches alike. To that end, the task of building team spirit is derailed when students leave on extended trips and vacations. Therefore, the following vacation policy will be enforced for the 2019-20 school year:

    Students who are participating in Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball or Paddling who leave the team and miss five consecutive practices:
        • will not play in any games prior to the holiday/vacation
        • must participate in five practices upon their return before participating in any games.

    Coaches will work with those students who will be at every practice and game to develop team concepts. When the non-participating students return from their extended break, they can work their way into the system and earn the privilege to play in games.

Awards and Recognition

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  • Lettering

    Any student who successfully completes a varsity season will be considered a letter winner. Awards are received as follows:
    • 1st Year Award - Chenille letter with a pin for the particular sport
    • 2nd Year Award - Chenille letter with double bar and a pin
    • 3rd Year Award - Lettermans Jacket
    • 4th Year Award - School Blanket
    Lettering in a second sport will allow the student to receive a pin for that particular sport. Only one jacket and one blanket will be awarded to any particular student.
  • Athlete of the Year

    The varsity head coaches meet in May to choose a male and female winner of this award. The athlete should demonstrate superior athletic skill, leadership on and off the athletic arena, and be the type of student that the athletic department would view as a model for others.
  • Scholar Athlete

    This award is given to an individual who has lettered in two or more varsity sports and maintained top grades. The head coaches of the varsity teams meet in May to determine this recipient.
  • Super Spartan Award

    At the Athletic Awards Assembly, we recognize any student who has lettered in three varsity sports during the academic year.
  • Spartan Award

    Each sport will recognize a student as a Spartan Award winner. Each team member will vote for this award. The following criteria is used to determine this award:
       • Enthusiasm at all times
       • Support for the team and individuals throughout the season
       • Hustle in every task assigned
       • A positive model for other members of the team
       • A selfless and giving approach to the program

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  • Winter Athletics Recap 3-4-22

    It’s been a great winter season of sports for our school and here is the latest on our teams:

    1. The girls basketball team won the MIL Championship and finished in 4th place at States.  Brittlay Carillo has been named Player of the Year and Pio Tu’ivai and Meleani Sjostrand both made it on the MIL First Team! Meleani was also named to the All-Tournament Team at States.

    1. The boys basketball team finished 2nd in the MIL and played 2 very competitive games at the State Tournament.

    1. The girls soccer team won the MIL D2 Title and played very well at the State Tournament finishing in 6th place.

    1. The boys soccer team won the MIL D2 Title and made a historic run to the Championship game for the first time in school history!  James Haynes received the award for the “Impact Player of the Tournament”!

    1. The girls’ swim team finished 2nd overall in the MIL and 6 of our girls qualified for the State Championship including Lyn Chen, Helena Colletta, Kalla Pelletieri, Darija Trumbo, Kayla Bush, Tulip Hori.  At the MIL Championships, out of 8 individual events, our girls took home 5 first place medals! They also earned two second place relay medals.  At States, Helena finished 2nd in the 500 free and 3rd in the 200 free.

    1. Our boys, girls, and mixed paddling teams all won the MIL Title in their respective divisions! At States, the boys finished 3rd, the girls took 4th, and the mixed team finished 2nd! 

    Great job to all of you!  GO SPARTANS!!!

  • Athletics Update 1/20/22

    The winter sports are just getting going and here is the latest on our teams:

    1. The girls basketball team split their first two games vs Lanai and are heading over to Lanai this weekend for two rematch games.

    1. The boys basketball team has a preseason record of 2-2 with wins over Maui High and King Kekaulike and losses vs Maui High and Lahainaluna.  They also head to Lanai this weekend for 2 games vs the Pine Lads.

    1. The girls soccer team has a record of 0-3 in the MIL but has shown a lot of progress over the past few weeks.  They look to get on track vs Lahainaluna this Saturday.

    1. The boys soccer team won their only match of the season so far by beating Maui High 9-1! Duke Romanchak led the way with 5 goals for the Spartans.

    1. The swim team had their first meets of the season last week and all swimmers did very well.  The girls team took home several 1st place finishes in a variety of events.

    1. Our paddling teams will have their first Regatta of the season this Saturday at Kahului Harbor starting at 9am.  Coach Lu’uwai has another strong team this year and looks to defend their MIL titles from 2 seasons ago.

    Great job to all of you and good luck this week!  GO SPARTANS!!!
  • Athletics Update 12/1/21

    As the Fall sports season comes to a close, here is the latest on our teams:

    1. The Girls Cross Country team won the MIL Championship again with Kaylee Volner taking first place overall.  Here is how the rest of the team finished:
    Kaylee Volner - 1st
    Layne Millen - 2nd
    Kayla Ratte - 5th
    Rylee Stout - 16th
    Kayla Bush - 18th

    1. The Boys Cross Country team finished in second place led by Jacob Romero who placed 4th overall. Here’s how the rest of the team finished:
    Jacob Romero - 4th
    Sage Ryden - 6th
    Micah Brighton - 7th
    Bazel Potratz - 20th
    Noa Donohue - 23rd
    Nikolai Mironov - 25th
    Zachary Bush - 29th

    1. Our girls Volleyball team won the regular season crown with a 9 -1 overall record and earned a berth to the State Championships.

    1. Our Air Riflery team did a great job at the MIL Finals and 2 of our top shooters qualified for the State Championships and 3 others made it as alternates. 
    Qualified for States: Audrey Ng and Brandon Yu
    Alternates: Austin Lugo, Alara Berkmen, and Grace Peck

    Great job to all of you and good luck this week!  GO SPARTANS!!!
  • Seabury Boys and Girls show out at JV Cross Country Championships!

    The Seabury boys cross country team dominated the competition on Saturday as all seven of our runners finished in the top 12 with Jacob Romero taking 1st overall.  Here’s how they placed:
    Jacob Romero - 1st
    Micah Brighton - 2nd
    Sage Ryden - 3rd
    Bazel Potratz - 8th
    Noa Donohue - 10th
    Zach Bush - 11th
    Nikolai Mironov - 12th

    On the girls side, Layne Millen put the league on notice that she will be a force to be reckoned with for the next few years as she won the girls’ race by over a minute over her nearest competitor!

    In other news, the girls Varsity volleyball team remained undefeated by sweeping St. Anthony in 3 sets.  Here are some stats from the match:
    Malia Bennett: 11 kills
    Skylar Conley: 3 kills and 13 aces
    Caelyn Hasegawa: 22 assists and 8 aces
    Alexa de Crinis: 18 assists and 4 aces

    Congratulations to all participants and Go Spartans!!!
  • October 2021 Athletes of the Month

    Kayla Bush (Cross Country), Audrey Ng (Air Riflery), Barrett Barnard (Air Riflery), Noah Reisenauer (Football), Malia Bennett (Girls Volleyball)
  • Three Spartans sign their National Letters of Intent!

    Signing day was a busy one on the campus of Seabury Hall as three of our most decorated Seniors, Nikki Fernando, Kaylee Volner, and Pio Tu’ivai all signed their National Letters of Intent to compete at the collegiate level.  Nikki will be playing tennis at Rhode Island University, Kaylee will run cross country at Santa Clara University, and Pio will play basketball at Western Oregon University.  We are so proud of each of these amazing and talented student-athletes and congratulate them all on this very special day.
  • Seabury sports teams keep on rolling!

    In case you missed it, here is a quick recap of the recent Seabury sports events: 
    1. All 4 cross country girls placed in the top 10 in the meet at King Kekaulike as Layne Millen won her first MIL meet.
    2. Boys cross country placed 2nd at King Kekaulike as Jacob Romero took 2nd overall and Micah Brighton finished 4th overall.
    3. Kaylee Volner took 1st overall at the Michael Doran Invitational cross country meet at Kalani High School.  Her final margin of victory was by over 30 seconds over her nearest competitor.
    4. Girls varsity volleyball team beat St. Anthony on Tuesday in 3 sets and beat Kamehameha in 4 very competitive sets.
    5. Girls JV volleyball beat Kamehameha in 3 tough sets.
    6. Air Riflery girls placed 7th at their first MIL meet while the boys finished 8th.
    Congratulations to all teams!!!  Keep up the good work and Go Spartans!!!
  • MIL Sports are Back!!!

    It was a busy weekend (10/17/21) for our Spartan athletic teams as the MIL has resumed competition for the first time since the spring of 2020.  Here are some of the highlights from the first weekend of MIL action:

    1. Girls Volleyball wins both matches against rival Molokai at the barn.
             Match 1: SEABURY    25      25     25
             MOLOKAI     13      21     22
             Match 2:  SEABURY   25     25   19     25   
             MOLOKAI   19     20    25     18

    1. Girls Cross Country dominates the first meet of their season.
    Kaylee Volner - 1st
    Layne Millen - 3rd
    Rylee Stout - 5th
    Kayla Bush - 6th
    Sunny Barresi - 21st

    1. Boys Cross Country places 2nd in their first race with a team comprised of freshmen only.
    Jacob Romero - 3rd
    Micah Brighton - 4th
    Sage Ryden - 7th
    Bazel Potratz - 11th
    Noa Donohue - 20th
    Zach Bush - 21st
    Great job Spartans!!!
  • Air Riflery Season Finishes with its Championship Competition

    The Seabury Air Riflery team recently completed its Championship event in the Erdman Athletic Center.  Eva Ponting won the Top Female shooter trophy with a score of 251 out of 300 points. Eva also won 2 hats for Top Gun Prone, Top Gun Standing, and tied for Top Gun Kneeling, only to lose in a shoot-off to Audrey Ng who was not going to give that hat up and shot a great tiebreaker round to win that title. On the boys side, Tyler Taguchi shot a personal best score of 196 points to win the Top Male shooter trophy and Kekai Apana took home the trophy for Most Improved.  In the team division, Eva Ponting and Elena Hickey won the Best Team trophy with a fantastic combined score of 461. Great job to everyone on the team and especially to Coach Johnny Stewart for making this season a success!
  • Cross Country Season Comes to a Conclusion

    On Saturday, March 6, 2021, Seabury Hall hosted the Cross Country Championship races and our Spartan athletes did an outstanding job!  In the high girls division, Kaylee Volner concluded her season with another resounding victory with a time of 19’31” followed by fellow Seabury Spartan Priana Dugied in 2nd place, Lily McLeod in 4th place, and Kayla Bush took 8th place overall.  

    In middle school, Jacob Romero won the boys race with a time of 12’07” and was followed by  teammate Micah Brighton in second, Bazel Potratz took 4th, and Owen Romero placed 5th.  In the girls division, Rylee Stout finished first with a time of 13’31”, Elizabeth Carter took 2nd, Olivia Aoki finished 4th, Aurora Zoetewey was 5th, Kailana Hagan, finished 6h, and Isabella Grossman took 7th.  

    Congratulations to all participants and a big Mahalo to Jesse Henderson, Coach Bobby Grossman, James Sparks, the athletic trainers, the scorekeepers, and all the volunteers for making this happen for the kids!
  • Cross Country Returns to Seabury Hall

    On Saturday, February 6, Seabury Hall hosted the first of a series of cross country races being put on by the Valley Isle Track Club.  This was the first race held on Maui in over a year and our middle and upper school students did an amazing job!  Jacob Romero won the middle school boys race and was followed by fellow Spartan Micah Brighton while Rylee Stout finished first amongst the girls by almost a full minute margin over her nearest competitor.

    In the upper school race, Kaylee Volner took first overall amongst the girls while Priana Dugied finished second and Lily McLeod finished third.  This was an impressive performance from the entire team and Kaylee’s time of 19’54” was actually about 4 seconds faster than her time at the State Championships of November 2019.  As the team continues to train and grow under the watchful eyes of Coach Bobby Grossman, we’re sure to see all of their times improve over the next several weeks.  

    Here’s the rest of the upcoming schedule:
    February 13 at Maui Prep 8:00 am
    February 20 at The Dunes at Maui Lani 3:30 pm
    February 27 at Maui Tropical Plantation 8:00 am
    March 6 at Seabury Hall 8:00 am - Championships
  • Ella Connor

    Ella Connor Signs National Letter of Intent

    On November 19, 2020, Ella Connor signed a National Letter of Intent to play Division 1 college beach volleyball at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo under legendary coach Todd Rogers, a former professional beach volleyball player and gold medalist in the 2008 Summer Olympic games.  

    Earning a college scholarship at any collegiate level is a tremendous accomplishment, but to earn one at the Division 1 level is truly noteworthy and special. In fact, according to our records, in our school’s history of over 50 years Seabury Hall has had only four girls earn Division 1 scholarships for volleyball prior to Ella. These included Shayla Hoeft and Amy Ozee in 2106, Lecca Roberts in 2004, and, Kaimana Brummel in 2003, the first girl from Maui to receive a D1 volleyball scholarship straight out of high school.  

    Over the course of the last 3 years in the program, Ella has established herself as the top overall female player in the MIL and joins those legends listed above as one of the all-time greats in our school's history. On behalf of the Seabury Hall athletic department, we wish her nothing but the best of luck in her future as she takes her game to the next level. Congratulations Ella!!!
  • After School Athletic Opportunities

    CrossFit Classes: With Melissa Rajesh
    Mondays and Wednesdays 3:30 to 4:30
    Bring workout clothes, shoes, water bottle, towel

    Yoga Classes: with Melissa Rajesh
    Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:30 to 4:30
    Bring workout clothes, yoga mat, water bottle, towel  

    Upper School Cross Country Club practices: with Coach Bobby Grossman
    Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:30 to 4:30
    Bring workout clothes, shoes, water bottle, towel

    Middle School Cross Country Club practices: with Coach Paul Romero
    Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays 3:30 to 4:30
    Bring workout clothes, shoes, water bottle, towel  

    Contact Coach Prather at: if you have any questions.
  • Seabury Hall Athletics Update

    Seabury Hall Athletics Update 3/20/20
    1) All MIL games, matches and competitions are currently suspended until further notice.
    2) All practices league-wide have been suspended until further notice.  
    3) The MIL AD Council will meet weekly throughout this process and will continue to monitor and re-evaluate the situation to determine what to do next.
    4) If and when it has been determined that it is safe to resume practices, there will be a minimum of 10 days before any games or competitions can take place.
    Take care and stay safe,
    Seabury Hall Athletic Department
  • 2020 Swim Team

    MIL Championships!!!

    The winter season of sports is quickly coming to its conclusion and our teams have done some amazing things over the past few days. Here is a quick recap:
    1) The girls, boys, and mixed paddling teams swept their respective MIL Championships. All three crews did an excellent job throughout the season and exceeded expectations.
    2) The girls varsity basketball team won it’s 4th consecutive MIL Championship over the weekend. They were led by Ameera Waterford who scored 22 points and Piohia Tu’ivai who added 16 points.
    3) The girls swim team won their first ever MIL Championship!!!!!! They were led by Madison Eiting, Kamille and Kalla Pellettieri, and Helena Colletta.
    Congratulations to all teams and best of luck at your respective State Tournament events!!!
  • Seabury Winter Sports Update

    The winter season for MIL sports is in full swing and our teams have been doing a great job representing Seabury Hall.  The following teams have already earned berths to their respective State Tournaments:
    Girls Soccer
    Boys Soccer
    Girls Basketball
    Our boys, girls, and mixed paddling teams have all been outstanding and are in first place in each of their respective divisions through 3 official regattas. The boys and girls varsity basketball teams are both in first place and are undefeated in league play and our swimmers and divers have done an excellent job through the first 5 MIL meets. 
    Senior Night is this Friday night at the Seabury gym.  The night kicks off with our JV boys basketball team playing Maui High at 4pm, then the boys Varsity plays Hana at 5:30pm, and the girls Varsity team plays Molokai in the feature game at 7pm.
    Hope to see you all there!
  • Boys Cross Country Team Take State Title, Girls finish Second

    The boys cross country team won their 3rd ever State Championship over the weekend and the girls team took 2nd in front of a several fans and spectators on the campus of Seabury Hall.   Ka’eo Keomaka led the way for the boys finishing 24th, followed closely by Cole Davidson (26th), Kai Merrill (27th), Gabe Frampton (39th), and Parker Churchill (52nd). The girls were led by Kaylee Volner who finished 2nd overall, followed by Kallalei Ryden (10th), Prianna Dugied (22nd), Rio Imperato (34th), and Lily McLeod (72nd) overall. Congratulations to both teams on their excellent seasons!!!
  • Boys Cross Country Team

    Cross Country Teams Ready for States

    Both the Seabury Hall boys and girls cross country teams had very successful showings at the MIL Championships today. The boys finished second overall with a score of 39 points and the girls won with a score of 20 points! Kai Merrill lead the boys with a 4th place finish while Ka’eo Keomaka finished 6th, Colton Baldwin finished 7th, Gabe Frampton finished 10th, and Louie Smith finished 12th. For the girls, Kallalei was the overall winner followed by Kaylee Volner’s 2nd place finish, Rio Imperato was 4th, Prianna Dugied was 5th, and Elly Swartz finished 8th. Good luck at States!
  • Girls Volleyball Team Wins MIL

    Girls Volleyball Team wins MIL Title, finishes 4th at State

    The Seabury Hall girls completed an undefeated regular season as it won another MIL Division 2 Title when they defeated a very strong Hana team in 3 sets on Friday, October 18. Their run of excellence continued at the State Tournament as they defeated OIA powerhouse McKinley in 5 sets in the quarterfinals before ultimately losing to eventual champion Damien in a 5-set thriller in the semifinals. Ella Connor was named to the All-Tournament Team for her efforts. Great job Team!!!
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