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Aloha Seabury Hall families,
At Seabury Hall, we believe that athletics offer a unique opportunity for personal growth and character development.  Our goal is to empower each student-athlete to discover their full potential both on and off the playing field. Seabury Hall athletics is committed to educational-based sports that embody EPIC values of Seabury Hall: Empowerment, Passion, Integrity, Curiosity.  
Our Athletic programs emphasize the educational experience and instill qualities such as teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership, and resilience and use sports and extracurricular activities as a platform to teach valuable life lessons and skills.

Student-athletes, as you navigate the many options Seabury Hall athletics offers, I hope you approach each situation with enthusiasm and commitment and strive to create an opportunity to learn and grow while upholding the EPIC values of Seabury Hall in all aspects of your lives.
Parents, as we embark on your student-athletes journey, I encourage you all to be active participants in your child's athletic experience.  Your support, encouragement, and involvement play a vital role in their success to our programs and our Seabury Hall community.  Whether you are cheering from the stands, volunteering, or engaging in our parent-athlete community, your presence and support to Seabury Hall athletics makes a difference.
As a proud Alumna and student-athlete of Seabury Hall, I am incredibly proud and excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for all our student-athletes to create an environment where they will thrive and excel to embody the EPIC values that define Seabury Hall.
Mahalo nui loa,
Yacine "Yaya" Meyer '08
Athletic Director

"Move with Kindness, Walk with a purpose, Student 100%, Athlete 100%."   

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Seabury Hall
Athletics Department
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Yaya Enriquez-Meyer ʻ08
Athletic Director

Scott Prather
Assistant Athletic Director

Athletics Policies

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  • Graduation Requirements

    Seabury Hall requires that all 9th thru 12th grade students be enrolled in physical education classes each season of the school year: Fall, Winter, and Spring (12 seasons total)
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  • Standards (Excused Absence and Return to Play Protocol)

    If a student is sick and does not attend school on a Friday, the student will be ineligible to participate in the after school program (game, practice, or travel) on that Saturday, unless it is a significant reason ie: unforeseen circumstances, Dr.'s note, family emergency/ matter. 
    If a student leaves school for an appointment ie: doctors, drivers ed, family matter, a note must accompany the excused absence and given to the Attendance Coordinator upon arrival. Failure to provide a note will result in the student being ineligible for participation in any after school athletic program or activity (practice, game).
  • Academic Eligibility

    Seabury Hall, as part of the Maui Interscholastic League, adheres to the Department of Education's 2.0 rule. Students must be passing all "core" courses (defined as courses needed to receive a diploma from the DOE) and maintaining a 2.0 each semester and the first and third quarter that they are involved in an athletic activity. Students who do not meet these standards are placed on a probationary status, where their grades are checked every two weeks. The student is allowed to practice, but not participate in any interscholastic activities during the two weeks that he/she is ineligible. If, after the two-week period, the student has improved and now meets the minimum standards, he/she is eligible until the next two-week grade check.

    Students at Seabury Hall are encouraged to meet with teachers during the extra help time (3:00-3:30 pm) in order to maintain a solid academic standing. Receiving "extra help" is an excused tardy to practice.
  • Physicals and Health Insurance

    Any student who chooses to participate in an interscholastic sport must have a current physical (good for one calendar year) on file with the Athletic Trainer and proof of health insurance.

    Seabury Hall does have accident insurance for all students. This insurance is used as a secondary insurance. If your child is injured and you wish to make a claim, you must meet with the Business Manager to complete the necessary forms.

    The Maui Interscholastic League provides catastrophic insurance for all athletes participating in interscholastic activities. This insurance can be used to cover expenses after expenses rise higher than $25,000.
  • Commitment

    Once a student is committed to a team, he/she is not allowed to drop from the team. If the student is asked to leave, or chooses to leave the team without the coach's permission, there will be a penalty, which lasts for one calendar year from the date the student ceases being a member of the team. The student will not be allowed to be a participant on any athletic team during that time, and must take physical education classes during the academic day.

  • Standards (Unexcused Absence)

    There are times when a student has obligations that take priority over a practice or game. These are viewed as excused absences. For these times, the student must communicate verbally to either the head coach or the Athletic Director. If the student misses an off season workout, practice or game without notification, it is considered unexcused. Before the student returns to the athletic program there will be a meeting with the student and the head coach. (The Athletic Director may substitute for the coach for whatever reason.) Consequences for an unexcused absence could be as follows:
    • suspension 
    • extra practice
    • coach's discretion
    • removal from the athletic program
    Any student that is absent during the school day is not eligible to attend after school sports/dance practices or games/performances. Students must be in school by 9:00 a.m. and remain in school for the balance of the school day (please review attendance policy.) Students sent home by the nurse during the day are not eligible for participation in after school athletic programs. Without a doctor’s release, Friday absences may also preclude students from weekend participation. 

  • Pre and Post Season Meetings

    A pre-season meeting will be held Saturday, August 18 in the Seabury Hall dining hall at 10:00 and 5:00. This meeting is required of all Upper School parents whose child will be participating in an interscholastic sport this academic year.  At this meeting parents view an "assumed risk" video, which is mandatory for their student's participation in the interscholastic program (if a parent is not able to view the video at the meeting, it must be accessed from the Seabury Hall athletic webpage, and a signature form must be downloaded and returned to the Athletic Office). Athletic policies will be discussed at this meeting.

    Coaches will meet with their athlete's parents prior to the season to discuss rules and regulations pertaining to that specific sport.

    At the conclusion of the season, each team has a meeting or potluck to bring closure to the season, collect uniforms, and present letters, pins or sweatshirts to the students (See "lettering" below for information on receiving these awards).  
  • Transportation and Team Travel

    When a team must travel by air, the school will make reservations for the entire team. The Athletic Director must approve any changes made by individuals. The student's family will absorb any expenses for any changes.

    The total number of people allowed to travel with a team to Molokai, Lanai, or on pre-season trips is limited by the Maui Interscholastic League (MIL). The number allowed per team, including coaches and players, is as follows: Volleyball (14), Basketball (14), Baseball/Softball (21), Cross Country (8), Golf (6 boys, 5 girls), Paddling (18), Soccer (20), 8 Man Football (40), and Tennis (9). There will be times when a team has more students than are allowed to travel. Those students will not be able to travel to Molokai, Lanai, or on a pre-season trip. Please contact the coach of your child's sport for clarification of the traveling roster. This is a rule of the MIL and Seabury Hall cannot adjust the number arbitrarily.

    When teams travel to Hāna or Lahaina on a school day, the team may travel by van or bus. Students must travel to the contest site by the transportation provided by the school. Students who wish to be transported by their parents will be able to do so with the Athletic Director's and/or Head coaches permission. There may be occasions when some students will be allowed to meet the bus at a location closer to their home. Students are not allowed to leave the contest site with anyone other than their parent/guardian. A student can only be released after the parent has directly made such a request to the Athletic Director and the head coach with eye-to-eye contact and/or has completed the Permission to Leave the Group form.

  • Uniform Issue and Purchase

    Seabury Hall will provide a set of game uniforms for most sports. New uniforms are normally purchased every three years. Golf, Swimming, Tennis, and Paddling purchase their own uniforms. Other sports may purchase a second uniform. Any uniform or equipment issued by the athletic department is to be kept in good repair and returned at the conclusion of the season.
  • Team T-Shirts

    Teams wishing to issue shirts, warm-ups, or other items must adhere to the following guidelines:
    • The only writing on the front will be the Seabury Hall Athletics logo
    • On the back, there can be reference to a particular team
    • Adherence to the schoolʻs athletic style guide
  • Transition to a New Sport

    Students whose Fall or Winter season is completed are allowed two rest days and then they are expected to choose their next activity. Should the next activity be another interscholastic sport, there will be a "try out time" consisting of 5 consecutive practice days to determine whether they wish to continue with the sport they have chosen. Should they attend a 6th practice, they are considered on that team. Once they are a member of the team, they are defined as committed to that team.
  • Chain of Command

    Questions and concerns that arise during the athletic season can best be addressed by the individual coaches. We recommend that the student meet with the coach prior to the parent's involvement. Students and coaches learn a great deal when they talk about the student's concerns. The Athletic Director serves as a third party should the student choose that support. Coaches should only be approached at a scheduled meeting. Experience has shown that meetings immediately after a practice or contest are less productive then those that take place at a scheduled time. Only after the coaches have been consulted should a concern be taken to the Athletic Director. Ultimate authority and major policy changes rest with the Head of School. 
  • Due Process

    A student or parent/legal guardian contesting the disciplinary action taken based on team or department rules shall have the right to appeal. In cases of disciplinary action taken by a coach, the Athletic Director will hear the appeal. In cases of disciplinary actions taken by the Athletic Director, the Head of School will hear the appeal. Requests for an appeal may be made orally or in written form to the respective person (see above). The appeal official shall consider the evidence presented, including statements by legal counsel, and make written findings of the decision within five days of the hearing, with a copy to the student, parent/legal guardian.
  • Vacation Travel

    Seabury Hall Athletics would like to remind families and students participating in Athletic sports at Seabury Hall to plan their vacations and commitments around team schedules. It is essential that everyone is aware of the teams practice schedule and the Maui Interscholastic League (MIL) game schedule during the holidays. We understand that the holiday season is a time for family gatherings and vacations, but we also appreciate your commitment to Spartan Athletics and our Fall, Winter & Spring sports teams. Your support is instrumental in ensuring a successful season for our student-athletes.

    Students who are participating in Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball or Paddling who leave the team and miss five consecutive practices:
        • will not play in any games prior to the holiday/vacation
        • must participate in five practices upon their return before participating in any games.

    Coaches will work with those students who will be at every practice and game to develop team concepts. When the non-participating students return from their extended break, they can work their way into the system and earn the privilege to play in games.

Awards and Recognition

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  • Lettering

    Any student who successfully completes a varsity season will be considered a letter winner. Awards are received as follows:
    • 1st Year Award - Chenille letter with a pin for the particular sport
    • 2nd Year Award - Chenille letter with double bar and a pin
    • 3rd Year Award - Lettermans Jacket
    • 4th Year Award - School Blanket
    Lettering in a second sport will allow the student to receive a pin for that particular sport. Only one jacket and one blanket will be awarded to any particular student.
  • Athlete of the Year

    The varsity head coaches meet in May to choose a male and female winner of this award. The athlete should demonstrate superior athletic skill, leadership on and off the athletic arena, and be the type of student that the athletic department would view as a model for others.
  • Scholar Athlete

    This award is given to an individual who has lettered in two or more varsity sports and maintained top grades. The head coaches of the varsity teams meet in May to determine this recipient.
  • Super Spartan Award

    At the Athletic Awards Assembly, we recognize any student who has lettered in three varsity sports during the academic year.
  • Spartan Award

    Each sport will recognize a student as a Spartan Award winner. Each team member will vote for this award. The following criteria is used to determine this award:
       • Enthusiasm at all times
       • Support for the team and individuals throughout the season
       • Hustle in every task assigned
       • A positive model for other members of the team
       • A selfless and giving approach to the program

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