Coeducational College Preparatory Day School serving Grades 6-12

Message from the Head of School


It is with great pleasure that I invite you to discover the Seabury Hall Ohana. As you peruse our website and learn about the various aspects of school life, enjoy the vivacious adventures of our students, the accomplishments of our faculty and staff, and the commitment of our parents and Board of Trustees.

I extend a warm welcome to all of the new families who will be joining this wonderful community. By choosing Seabury Hall, you have committed to securing your children’s futures by effectively preparing them for college and for life. All of us here at Seabury Hall will honor your commitment by teaching our students to seek excellence in all areas of their lives.

Students thrive and triumph over the obstacles they encounter in life when they learn these essential skills: to develop and savor the rewards of a strong work ethic, to question and to think critically, to collaborate honestly and productively and to express themselves uniquely and confidently. Every student and every adult on our campus brings his or her unique perspective and valuable contribution. As we educate the leaders of the future, we instill in them the highest ethical standards, an ability to navigate complex situations and adaptability in the face of adversity and change. We do this with our superior teacher-guides, who provide a safe and supportive environment where our students can feel confident, ask questions, take risks, innovate, and participate in their own learning process.

Education is a constantly evolving field. Change is both inevitable and necessary. Just as access to education has grown, the quality of education and the demands of the world have become more complex. The classroom has become global, and our school provides a doorway to the entire world. The connections between people, countries and cultures, and the profound impact of our own actions upon our community and the world around us necessitates that we prepare our students to be mindful global citizens who respect the earth and its people.

Our students set exceptional standards in all academic, athletic, artistic, service and leadership arenas. Their local, state and national academic recognition in math, science, and world languages, their success in advanced placement courses and their winning athletic seasons, are testaments to their successes.

Enjoy your journey through our website, and better yet, come visit us on campus and see the magic for yourself.


Sarah M. Bakhiet
Head of School

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