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2024 - 2025 School Year Info

Summer Enrichment & Reading

Please see below for your student's summer enrichment:

Grade 5
Optional Summer Reading Assignment
Optional Summer Math Enrichment


Optional Math Summer Enrichment material in the modules is intended to be a review of what you learned last year. Make note of any topics you find challenging or any questions that arise as you are working. When we are back on campus, we will review the topics together.

8th Grade Project Details
Every 8th Grade student will have to submit a Prospectus (like a pitch) for their 8th Grade Project topic. It will be due the first day when we return to school, at which point your 8th Grade Teachers and Mr. Walsh will review what each student has in mind and give them feedback.

Below are links to the Prospectus assignment and to our Seabury Hall 8th Grade Project website, where you will see some examples of topic ideas, a list of all the assignments students will do throughout the year, and some finished projects.
Mandatory summer enrichment assignments are implemented to ensure continuous learning and intellectual engagement for students during the summer break. By staying engaged, students can retain and reinforce their knowledge, making a smoother transition into the next grade level. Additionally, these assignments provide an opportunity for students to explore subjects in greater depth, foster a love for lifelong learning, and develop independent study habits that are crucial for academic success.

The assessments for summer reading will be in essay format during the first two weeks of school and will evaluate both reading comprehension and writing skills.  Students are required to annotate the text -- and these annotations will be assessed as an assignment as well.

In addition to the assigned reading, we ask all grade levels to read a second book of their choice.

Math summer workbooks are designed to help students maintain and improve their mathematical skills over the summer break. Students will be assessed on whether they have completed all assigned sections of the workbook. Each page or exercise must be fully attempted to receive credit.  Correct answers will be noted, and partial credit may be given for work that shows a clear understanding of the concepts, even if minor errors are present. Workbooks should be submitted by the due date to receive full credit. Late submissions may incur a penalty unless there is a valid reason for the delay.

Science summer packets are designed to keep students engaged with scientific concepts and critical thinking skills over the summer break. Students will be graded on the completion of all assigned tasks within the packet. Every section should be attempted to ensure exposure to the full range of material. Grades will reflect the effort put into each activity. This includes thoughtful answers, thorough explanations, and a clear attempt to understand and engage with the content. Perfection is not expected. The focus is on participation, genuine effort, and a willingness to explore and learn.

World Languages
Complete the assignment for your class only. Students will be assessed on the summer enrichment assignments during the first two weeks of school.

  • Spanish 2
    Explore listening to music from a minimum of four Spanish-speaking artists. Be prepared in August to share your favorite tracks with the class, and compare/contrast the different music styles, lyrics, home country/culture of the artists, and general information about the artists.
  • Spanish 2 Honors
    Watch three of the following films. Be sure to have the language set to Spanish (you can put subtitles in English): Summer Assignment
  • Spanish 3
    Watch the first 5 episodes of “Go! Vive a tu manera” (available on Netflix)
  • Spanish 3 Honors
    Watch the first 10 episodes of “Go! Vive a tu manera” (available on Netflix)
  • Spanish 4 Honors
    Watch “Perú, Tesoro Escondido” (available on Netflix) and write a 200-word paragraph about what you found most impressive.
  • AP Spanish Language and Culture - Summer Assignment

Japanese 1-4 Honors



AP Capstone

Summer Reading

All students, please complete the summer reading for the 2024-2025 school year prior to the first day of classes. Use the link below to find your grade level and/or classes. Other summer enrichment for math and AP classes will be forthcoming once student schedules are finalized. An email notification will be sent out at that time.

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